With school out, no doubt students will be on the lookout for good books to read. Newsbee has searched high and low for three picks featuring characters who “Seek and Find” just what they’re looking for.

He’s happy to share books about three bears on a sea hunt, a writer in search of story ideas and a budding photographer pursuing creative photos. All fulfill their quests for the best.

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Ahoy, Mates! “Three Bears in a Boat” keep their hopes afloat as they steer their craft on an adventure to find a “beautiful blue seashell.” Watercolor illustrations depict scenes of pastel, maritime beauty in this gorgeous book written and illustrated by David Soman.

The action begins when mischievous cubs, Dash, Theo and Charlie, accidentally break their mother’s treasured seashell and go on a mission to replace it so she won’t be any the wiser.

Along the way, they meet up with other bears in boats several of whom resemble characters in classic books. Seek and find the answer to those riddles with the help of an adult. You’re sure to relish the bears’ journey as they sail oceans calm and rough, visit exotic islands, and scale the heights looking for that illustrious seashell.

Home looks pretty good when they get back and holds treasures of its own.

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Thirty-five picture books is a huge hive-full; that’s how many the talented Lois Ehlert has illustrated—25 of which she wrote too.

In Ehlert’s newest, “The Scraps Book, Notes From a Colorful Life” the artist shares how she goes about gathering found objects to create her illustrations. From leaves and twigs in her garden, to fruit and vegetables at the store — ideas come to her from the world around her, and from keeping her mind open and tuned to simple, everyday moments.

As a child, Ehlert loved to read library books and hoped one day to write her own. But she didn’t become a writer or an illustrator overnight.

“Everyone needs time to develop their dreams,” she writes. “An egg in the nest doesn’t become a bird overnight.” Rather than believing she pursued art, Ehlert believes art chose her.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Lucy Emery is determined to capture unique pictures for a photography scavenger contest in “Half a Chance,” an engaging book by Cynthia Lord about a girl who moves to a lake house in New Hampshire with her family.

Relocating is lonely and Lucy seeks new friends; she finds a special one named Nate, a boy who makes her summer memorable.

Lucy comes by her skills with a camera naturally — her dad, a famous photographer encourages his daughter to take photos that tell a story. Plenty evolve as Lucy adjusts to her new home, as do perplexing questions. Does Nate like Lucy, or does he prefer cute Megan, who lives in a cottage nearby.

And what’s up with Nate’s grandmother? She’s obsessed with the endangered loons on the lake. That’s a worthy cause Lucy embraces, but sometimes the elderly woman acts vacant.

These questions and more are answered in a simple book that addresses a complex issue. “Half a Chance” is a book that shoots straight for the heart.