Cool Book Buzz Reviews

It's sizzling hot -- no better time to go poolside with a pal -- or crash at your cool community library. This summer, no matter where you chose to buddy-up, hope you have lots of downtime and opportunities to read to your heart's content. Until next month, "Page On!"

"Horsefly and Honeybee" by Tony Johnston

Reviewed by Bree Nieder, second grade, St. John the Baptist School.

“I thought this book would be about two bees, a dad bee and a baby bee that had an adventure. It was about two insects that got in a fight. The one bug finds a pond and she can’t go over.

“I liked the book because I thought it was cool. It was nice they made up. I would give this book to Mrs. Cara because she really likes it.”

Reviewed by Olivia Tecklenburg, second grade, St. John the Baptist School.

“I thought this book would be about two bugs being friends. The story was about two bugs having a fight; then they both lost a wing, and they got stuck in the middle of a pond. Then, Horsefly and Honeybee held onto each other, and they flapped their one wing and flew off to a flower and had a nap.

“I liked this book because it was about how people should always work together. I would recommend this book to a person who doesn’t know how to work together.”

"Zero the Hero”  by Joan Holub

Reviewed by Emily Boyer, third grade, Immaculate Conception School.

“I like the puns of this book. Zero wanted to be a hero, and he needed a chance to prove it. He didn’t fit in very good. He stood in the shadows of those more glamorous than he was. He was mistaken for other things. In adding he was invisible, just like subtraction.

“I recommend this book to Mrs. Fox because she teachers multiplication, adding and subtracting and division.”

Reviewed by Andrew Goodson, fifth grade, Clark-Vitt Elementary.

“This is a good book because in the beginning no one likes him, but in the end he saves them and they like him. My favorite part is the beginning. It is funny.

“Other people should read this book because it is funny.”

Reviewed by Makensie Hughes, fifth grade, Clark-Vitt Elementary.

“I liked this book because Zero felt like nothing. Then it showed that Zero was a hero. My favorite part was when the Roman numbers and the normal numbers were fighting. I think others should read this book because it is funny.”

Reviewed by Jacob Lierman, third grade, St. Ignatius School.

“Get ready to count from zero! ‘Zero the Hero’ is about Zero being sad because he can’t find a problem that equals zero. But when his friends get trapped by Roman numerals, he saves the day. This is a great book to teach you about math. Read it!”

Reviewed by Zach Hellebusch, fourth grade, St. Ignatius School.

“I really liked the book ‘Zero the Hero.’ It taught me how to add, subtract, multiply and divide by zero. The story started off sad and became funny and happy. It is a good kid’s story. I recommend you read this book.”

Reviewed by Austin Griffin, fifth grade, Clark-Vitt Elementary.

“A bit about the book is that Zero is left out of a lot of games. My favorite part is when Zero chases away the Roman numerals. Others should read this book because it shows the power of Zero.”

Reviewed by Molly Schaedler, second grade, Clearview Elementary School.

“This story is about a funny little number named Zero. He always wanted to be a hero. The only problem is that no one liked him. Then some of his friends got captured, but then he came and saved them.

“I recommend this book for 5 to 9 year olds. My favorite part was when he saved his friends.”

Reviewed by Natalie Oesterly, second grade, Clearview Elementary School.

"This story is about a zero who gets left out from almost everything, but when it comes to times problems everything times zero equals zero. All of the numbers run away, but when they do they meet Roman numbers that say, 'We are going to take you away,' so they did. The Roman numerals trapped them in a clock…

“My favorite part is when the roman numerals ran away from Zero.”

Reviewed by Ryan Mueller, second grade, Clearview Elementary School.

“I think this book is about the number zero who wanted to fit in with numbers one through eight — the other numbers said he was worthless.

“My favorite part was when the Roman numerals took them to the gladiator ring. My least favorite part was when they did not like Zero. I think you should read this book because it is about math.”

Reviewed by Johnny Spaunhorst, second grade, Clearview Elementary School.

“This book was about a zero that all the numbers didn’t like. One day when they were doing multiplication they found out that he could make them disappear. He could make them disappear when they were in a multiplication fact with him.

“My favorite part was when the Roman numerals captured the numbers and Zero saved them. I recommend this book to 6 to 9 year olds. I think this book is funny, and I hope you like it.”

Reviewed by Cam Millheiser, second grade, Clearview Elementary School.

"This story is about numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9. But number zero is left out of a lot of different stuff, like a lot of their games.”

“My favorite part was when Zero used his special power, which is nothing, and the roman numerals were scared and ran away. I recommend this book to kids 4 to 9.

“I thought this book was really good and had a good ending. I really liked this book.”

“The One and Only Ivan,” by Katherine Applegate

Reviewed by Madison H., Campbellton Elementary School.

“This is a very good book. It had some interesting points, and lots of details. First, I would like to persuade you into reading ‘Ivan.’ This book is based on a true story. If it’s OK with you I’d like to tell you a little summary.

“Ivan is the main character. He is a gorilla. He’s at the zoo, and there is a big, huge truck that has to unload something, or someone. Now I want to give you a heads-up that these animals can talk. So the truck unloads an elephant. Her name is Stella. She gets very close to Ivan, and Ivan does this very weird thing to Stella’s cage he…well if you want to find out the rest of the story, then read ‘The One and Only Ivan.' ”

Reviewed by Jade Noud, fifth grade, Campbellton Elementary School.

“I just finished reading ‘The One and Only Ivan.’ I would tell a lot of friends, and other people to read this book. I really enjoyed it. This book is about a gorilla named Ivan who lives in a domain in a mall with an elephant named Stella and a dog named Bob who is really a stray.

“Then one day they got a new animal shipped in named Ruby. She is a baby elephant. I really enjoyed this book, and I hope you will read it and enjoy it too.”

Reviewed by Kullen B., fifth grade, Campbellton Elementary School.

“This was an amazing book — a fantastic tale, a quick ‘wow read.’ The author has an amazing passion and talent for writing. The way she writes the book just said, ‘think on the words.’ That puts the pictures in my head. Every time I listened to the words, it put a movie in my head. Everybody out there who has a library near them and has this book in the library should check this book out. The book is speaking to you. You just have to be the listener. The book has some humor in it too.”

Reviewed by Maggie Hellebusch, St. Ignatius Loyola School.

“I really loved this book. I would tell my whole class about it and for them to read it. It started with this gorilla named Ivan and an elephant, Stella. They were best friends and had domains right next to each other. There also was a dog named Bob who slept on Ivan’s stomach every night. Then they got another elephant, Ruby. Then after a while they got rid of Stella and Bob. Ivan and Ruby all thought she died. Stella told Ivan to take care and save Ruby — that was the last thing she said to him. So days went on and Ruby did three shows every day.

George the janitor and Julia his daughter go to the Big Top Mall and Video Arcade every night to clean it. Julia does her homework there and draws. Ivan draws with her. One day she gave him a whole bunch of paper and finger paints. He came up with the idea to write a message. He was going to spell out ‘home.’ Julia and her father found the message and put it up on the billboard out by the mall. Mack was so mad, but more people came and bought Ivan’s paintings. Then inspectors and people who work at the zoo saw it and went to get Ruby and Ivan out…

“I thought this was a really good book. I would read it again if I could.”