"Thomas Jefferson, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness"

Yeah, Buzzers and Buzzettes! Fabulous reviews flooded the hive this month. Newsbee wishes he could feature more here. He’d like to encourage you to keep “Paging On,” and perhaps you’ll see your review in print next month. Thanks, teachers and parents for encouraging your young readers.

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“Henri’s Scissors,” by Jeanette Winter.

Reviewed by Mrs. Kluesner’s First Grade Class, Central Elementary School.

“The boy saw his mom paint, and he really wanted to paint also. So he drew in his schoolbooks. Finally his mom gave him paint because he was sick in bed. He then quit school and started painting all the time. “The artist grew very old and sick and wasn’t able to paint. He moved to the sea and made a garden. While he was sleeping his pictures came to him in his dreams.

“The best part of the book was when he makes stars in heaven, and when he put chalk on a stick and drew on the ceiling.

Reviewed by Katherine Bolte, First Grade, Beaufort Elementary School.

“This book is about a boy named Henri who liked to draw pictures. And when he grew up he liked to paint. One day he was sick and all he could do was lie in book. He started to draw. Then he cut paper. Then he started to make art out of paper.

“I like adventures and this book didn’t have any adventures in it. I liked how they drew Henri. This book was about Henri Matisse. He’s a famous artist. I’ve seen some of his paintings online.”

Reviewed by Joseph Zagarri, Kindergarten, Beaufort Elementary School.

“Henri Matisse was a real man; my mom says so! He grew up in France and was a famous artist. When he was a boy like me, he drew and drew pictures everywhere, even in his school books! (I bet his teacher was not happy about that!) He grew up and painted many pictures of people.

“When Henri was an old man, he got very sick and had to stay in bed and could not paint anymore. So he had a scissors and cut painted paper to make new art! He decorated his room with his colorful art. He even drew on the ceiling! This was a good book. Kids will like this story.”

Reviewed by Ms. Williams’ Second Grade Class, New Haven Elementary School.

“We think the book ‘Henri’s Scissors’ is creative. We like the art in the book, especially when he painted faces on the ceiling while he was in bed! It was fun to learn that Henri was a real person.

“It was a good story with no mean people. We enjoyed how Henri took his time to make things. We think that our families would love this book because they like art.

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“Thomas Jefferson: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Everything,” by Maira Kalman.

Reviewed by Grace McKinnis, Age 12, St. Francis Borgia Grade School.

“This was a good book. I liked it because it gave me a lot of interesting information about Mr. Jefferson. The book kept me interested because I always wanted to know more about him, so I kept reading.

“There weren’t many characters in the book—I am like Mr. Jefferson when it comes to reading books. I admire Thomas Jefferson because he was interested in everything, just as I am. I would recommend this book to somebody in a class studying presidents. If you’d like to learn about this particular president, I suggest you read this book.”

Reviewed by Landon Kuenzel, Second Grade, St. John the Baptist School.

“I thought this book would be about a president. It was about a president who had a garden. He did a lot of researching and exploring. He also loved to read books all the time. I liked the story because it was amusing. I thought it was interesting that George Washington had ivory and wire teeth.

“The book also had some other very cool facts. I am like Thomas Jefferson because I have a garden. I would recommend this book to my friend because he really like to learn about the presidents.”

Reviewed by Brooke Durbin, St. John the Baptist School.

“I thought this book would be the story of how Thomas Jefferson

was elected President. It was about Thomas Jefferson. It talked about what kind of man he was. It even talked about how his bed was between two rooms so he could go to his office or go outside as soon as he got up.

“I liked the book because it was sad and good. I am not like Thomas Jefferson, and I would change nothing in the book because it is all real good. I would recommend this book to Barack Obama. He would like it because it is about another president.”

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“The Great Trouble,” by Deborah Hopkinson.

Reviewed by Rachel Bolte, Fourth Grade, Beaufort Elementary School.

“Meet Eel. He is a mudlark who searches the Thames for things he can sell. He also works at a tavern called The Lion, and sweeps out a tailor’s shop. The tailor’s name is Mr. Griggs. Eel also works for Dr. John Snow, a famous medical doctor. Eel’s stepfather, Fisheye Bill Tyler, is hunting him. Eel doesn’t have much money and lives on a dirty street.

Eel’s life is turned upside down when Mr. Griggs gets sick. More get sick with cholera and most die. Eel goes to Dr. John Snow and asks for help. Finally Dr. Snow agrees. After a while Dr. Snow has an idea. People’s theory that the epidemic spreads through the air was different than Dr. Snow’s thought. His thought was that the water that people drank was contaminated.

I thought the book a little slow in the beginning but as it went on I didn’t want to stop reading! When I read this book I felt that I wanted to learn more. I thought it would be amazing to be Eel or Dr. Snow, right then sticking to their theory until others would believe them. You should totally read this book!”

Reviewed by Elizabeth Smith, Age 12, St. Francis Borgia Grade School.

“This book is about this kid called Eel who is an orphan. He is working and living at the Lion Brewery. One day, the owner’s nephew found coins in his bedroom. Eel had to get a note, or have Mr. Griggs come in and tell the owner that he had worked in Mr. Griggs’ shop, so he could stay at Lion’s Brewery but when he got to Mr. Griggs Shop, Mr. Griggs had the Blue Death. In the next day or two a lot of people had Blue Death.

“All of the people said it was the air that caused the disease. Another person Eel worked for thought the water pump was causing the Blue Death. Dr. Snow and Eel must work together to prove that is the water that is causing the Blue Death.

“I thought this was a very good book because it was mysterious and adventurous. This book kept my interest.”