November Book Buzz Middle Pick Proved Popular to Reviewers

“Black Dog,” by Levi Pinfold

Reviewed by St. John the Baptist Pre-K Class.

“Mom, dad, sister and brother all saw a big black dog bigger than our preschool. Small, the kid, saw the dog last. The family was hiding from the dog. Small went outside to see the dog. She found the dog and sang to it. The dog chased Small through the forest and past the playground. Small sang all the way home and the dog followed her inside. When the dog went inside it became small. Her mom and dad said Small was brave.”

“We liked the book. We were brave listening to the story. It wasn’t scary because the dog was really small.”

“Noah Webster and His Words,” by Jeri Chase Ferris

Reviewed by Ella Laurent, Third Grade, Immaculate Conception School.

“I really liked the book. I love the illustrations and how it gives information on our nation’s history. I really like how it gives information off of a dictionary—it’s hilarious.”

“I hadn’t heard of Noah Webster, but I have heard of Webster’s Dictionary. Now because of all of the facts the book has given to me I would like to go to the library and find out more information about Webster.”

“If I knew any college professors, I would recommend this book to them. If I were a college professor and found out about it I would have it in my college library. If Webster was still alive, and he read the book, he would say, ‘Ah, those were the days.’”

Additional reviews:

“Black Dog,” by Levi Pinfold

 Reviewed by Matt Humphries, Second Grade, Central Elementary School

 “This book is about the Hope family that is scared by a dog. My favorite part is when Small gets chased by the dog. Someone should read this because it’s super funny.”

Reviewed by Lily Sutherland, Second Grade, Central Elementary School

“This book was about a family that was scared of a black dog. My favorite was the very end because the family had pots on their heads. I think you should read this book because it’s funny.”

“Noah Webster and His Words,” by Jeri Chase Ferris

Reviewed by Carley Beeson, Age Nine, Immaculate Conception School

“I like this story because it tells us about history and the first American Dictionary. This story relates to me because I love writing little stories. If I didn’t have that dictionary, I couldn’t do what I love to do.”

“I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to learn about history. They would love it because it tells history about Noah Webster. People will love it also for its wonderful facts and pictures of him.”

Reviewed by Jackson Dickinson, Age 10, Immaculate Conception School

“I disliked the book because it had no action. It kind of relates to my life. I do not travel as much as he did. I recommend this book to my grandpa because he likes history books. This is the sort of thing he likes to read about; history books are his favorites.”

Reviewed by Michael Lampe, Fourth Grade, South Point Elementary School

“I like this book because it was written like a dictionary. It talks about how Noah wrote books and a dictionary. He read books about different countries and how they had other ways of spelling things. I think that is cool that the book lists the people he had met.”

“There is also a timeline in the back of the book telling you about what had happened in the years of his life. You should read this book because you can also learn some stuff from it.”

Reviewed by Joie Heien, Fourth Grade, South Point Elementary School.

“I think other kids should read this book. Not only does it teach you about Noah Webster it talks about the war and American History. I think it’s special that you know where words come from.”

“In my grade, fourth, it’s important that you know bigger words and their meanings. My favorite part of the book was when it told us about how he went to college at 15. I think you should read ‘Noah Webster and His Words.’”

Reviewed by Timmy Newbent, South Point Elementary School

“This book is about Noah Webster. I thin this book is entertaining and fun. Noah Webster’s parents wanted him to be a farmer, but he did not want to. He went to school when he was 15. When he grew up he was a teacher and published many school books.”

“Webster went to many parties and dances and found someone he liked. So he married and got eight kids. Later he went on a journey with his oldest son. Then he returned and was surprised. Then he died in 1843. Last, all the American soldiers got his books and learned. I hope you like this book.”

Reviewed by Paige Pelster, Age 10, Immaculate Conception School

“I like the story because Webster is smart, and I wanted to know if there really was a person named Webster. This story doesn’t relate to me. I don’t know how to spell out a lot of words or know what a lot of words are. I think my brother would like to read this story because he wants to know if Noah Webster is real.”

“This story is about a person named Noah Webster. He is good at farming but wants to be a scholar. He goes to school. When the war was over he wrote American books, books and books until the last published one.”

Reviewed by Annie Arand, Third Grade, Immaculate Conception School

“I think Noah was very intelligent because he wrote the second best book in the world. I loved it when they had the definition for the word because he wrote a dictionary.”

“I would recommend this book to my sisters because they love books. I have the Webster Dictionary, and I use it all the time for homework.”

Reviewed by Kaylie Rowe, South Point Elementary School.

“That book was awesome! I never knew that Noah Webster wrote all those different books. But I did know that he wrote the dictionary. That dictionary must have taken a long, long time.”

“I wish I had a copy of ‘Noah Webster and his Words.’ It was interesting that he knew George Washington and the other people! I loved that book.”

Reviewed by Mrs. Burke’s Second Grade Class, St. John the Baptist School

“When we read the title we thought this book would be about a man who uses lots of words—a man who uses the dictionary to find words, or a man who gives good advice.”

“The book was about a man who grew up, became a teacher, had kids, loved writing books, and he made the first dictionary. We liked the book because it taught us about a real man and how he wrote the dictionary.”

“We are like Noah because we like to write, read and learn. We would recommend this book to anyone because it is a really good book and you can learn a lot.”