Students made a beeline for their library and wrote epic reviews on Newsbee’s December Picks. It seems the “he’s and she’s” enjoyed reading new renditions of old classics that charmed the socks off generations before them.

Too bad, so sad, no reviews on the Oldest Pick were received at the hive. Newsbee’s antennae dragged a bit about that. Pick up the slack—Page On!

“The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse,” by Helen Ward.

Reviewed by Evan Hall, Fourth Grade, Clark-Vitt Elementary School.

“The country mouse lives in the country and the town mouse lives in the city. The country mouse and the town mouse were cousins. When the town mouse went to visit the country mouse, the town mouse said, “In the city we don’t have mud and dangerous wild animals.” After the town mouse left, the country mouse wanted to see and hear new sights and sounds.”

“My favorite part is when the country mouse gets in the city because he’s excited to see all the buildings. I think others should read this book because it tells others that visiting other places can be fun.”       

“The Further Tales of Peter Rabbit,” retold by Emma Thompson.

Reviewed by Madison Lewis, Second Grade, St. John the Baptist School.

“When we read the title, I thought the book would be about a bunny that got in trouble and wanted to see more sites and goes to the farmer’s garden.”

“The book was about a rabbit that went to his cousin’s. There were competitions there. Peter didn’t win any of them but he found a radish. He ate it all. He threw in the competition and won, but then he felt bad. He decided to tell the truth and then went home.”

“I liked this book because it was funny. I didn’t like the book because it was long. I’m like Peter because I get into stuff sometimes. I would recommend this book to my mom because she would laugh at the story because it’s funny.”