"The Littlest Family's Big Day"

An outing in the woods, with a cast of endearing characters makes for a charming story complete with a message about facing our fears.

Little ones and their families are sure to relish the December Baby Buzz Pick, “The Littlest Family’s Big Day,” by Emily Winfield Martin. The picture book was recently chosen as a favorite by parents educators with the Washington School District. Each month the group selects a Baby Buzz Pick, in partnership with The Missourian.

A review of the Baby Buzz Pick appears in the third weekend issue of The Missourian. This month’s review was written by parent educator, Jenny E. Kelpe.

“Trying new things is scary, right? But not every new and different experience needs to be frightening – sometimes trying new things can turn out to be an adventure.

“That’s what the family in ‘The Littlest Family’s Big Day’ discovers. This winsome story begins with the small bear family going for a walk in the woods and finding a new home.

“After moving into their new home they decide to go for a walk to explore their surroundings. As they proceed on their ‘wander’ they discover new and exciting sights: the wind, a river and rain.

“While searching for shelter from the cloudburst, the small family realizes they are lost but, not to worry, they also made lots of new friends in their new surroundings.

“This story is a great way to learn about encouragement, and highlights the fact that despite trouble along the way ‘When you are lost, is the best time to be found.’

“Emily Winfield Martin, the author and illustrator of this book, offers full-page illustrations, some with fold out pictures as well, which makes this book appeal to the youngest of readers. If you are looking for a book to read with your children that encourages trying new things, despite the hurdles or ‘rain’ of life, this is a perfect choice.