"Peck Peck Peck," A Fun Interactive Board Book

A cute storyline and interactive opportunities – young readers get both with “Peck Peck Peck, ” by Lucy Cousins. This charming board book was just chosen as the October Baby Buzz Pick by parent educators with the Washington School District.

Each month the group selects a quality book for children birth to age 5, recommending it in a review that appears in the second weekend issue of The Missourian.

The following review was written by parent educator Kelly Oreskovic.

“Lucy Cousins, known for her ‘Maisy’ books, and other picture books, delights with “Peck Peck Peck,’ a book that provides fun ways to teach children a variety of concepts.

“For starters the book has holes, real holes all over the pages. The story begins with Daddy woodpecker encouraging and guiding his little woodpecker, ‘It’s time you learned to peck a tree.’

“As parents, you are your child’s first teacher and will be able to identify with teaching your little ones a new skill. Your children also will identify with Daddy woodpecker because they too learn new skills from family members.

“At first Dad demonstrates and guides his little woodpecker as they peck together on a tree. Little woodpecker does so well at pecking that Dad encourages him to ‘Practice hard and have some fun.’ Children will get a kick out of little woodpecker as he explores and pecks holes in a fence, a door, a hat, a mat, a book called ‘Jane Eyre,’ and on and on.

“Little ones will be able to relate to practicing new skills repeatedly, until they gain confidence. Adults can reinforce new sounds for children as they read the rhyming words. You might ask your child to point to the item (with actual woodpecker holes in it), or say the word.

“Your child also can learn new words that are associated with colorful illustrations, such as nectarine or sardine. Multiple holes also offer opportunities to practice counting. Memories skills can be honed as the book is reread, items once again named.

“As little woodpecker masters his pecking skill he returns to the nest to tell his Daddy. The woodpecker father is so proud, and he sweetly tucks little woodpecker in after his busy day of practice. This is a good story to read any time of day, a book treasure to be read over and over again.”