Beautiful Oops!

We all make mistakes — celebrate those messes by sharing the November Baby Buzz Pick with your little ones. “Beautiful Oops!” by Barney Salzberg is certain to oust the shame in blunders, making lemonade of the sour moments in our lives.

This engaging board book is the newest chosen as a Baby Buzz Pick in The Missourian’s ongoing mission to bring book suggestions to parents and caretakers of children birth to age 5.

The interactive read begins with a torn piece of a page, the rip providing a wide smile for a crocodile—conveniently conveying his feelings, and making this “oops” totally A-OK.

“Every spill, every bent paper is something to celebrate,” the text reminds us, evidence of this purple paint that oozes prettily across a spread, followed by a dog-ear on another page that makes a perfect face for a perky penguin.

“A little drip of paint lets your imagination run wild,” the book continues, turning a faux pas into a purple piggy, and colorful, convenient wheels for a car.

The fun continues with cutouts and lift-ups that reveal other ways “Oopses” can be master strokes of imagination to crow about. Holes, scribbles, and stains don’t provide pain but “ . . . an opportunity to make something beautiful,” a lesson folks of all ages need to be reminded of.

This confidence-boosting book provides opportunities for adults to talk to children about the benefits of boo-boos. If a mistake is made, like when a child is trying to draw, the book can be referenced, taking all the steam out of a botched project and turning it into an opportunity to hone creativity in a positive way.

Who says picture books are just for kids?

Other great reads for this month include “Who Am I?” by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page, and “Let’s Go Bobby! A Trace-the-Path Book!” by Ruth Wielockx.