"Nighty-Night," by Leslie Patricelli

Sleep deprived mommies and daddies are sure to embrace “Nighty-Night,” the newest offering by author Leslie Patricelli, who delights all ages with her light-hearted board books. “Night-Night” is the January Baby Buzz Pick selected by parent educators with the Washington School District.

Each month the group chooses a quality, hardcover book for children birth to age 5. The parent educators then use the Baby Buzz Pick in their visits with children, their parents and caretakers. A review of each month’s Baby Buzz Pick appears in the third weekend issue of The Missourian.

The following review was written by parent educator Gloria Attoun Bauermeister.

“Getting babies and toddlers to fall asleep can sometimes be a challenge. Whether or not this is true for the child in your life, reading to your little one is a fun and cozy way to wind down from a busy day.

“Sleep is important for children’s development and for the general well-being and happiness in a home. There are simple things you can do to encourage a good night’s sleep, such as getting your young one to bed at the same time every night and establishing a consistent bedtime routine.

“Nighty-Night,’ a delightful board book by Leslie Patricelli, is a simple, colorful and fun way to share the details of a bedtime ritual. Reminiscent of Margaret Wise-Brown’s classic, ‘Goodnight Moon,’ Patricelli’s newest begins by saying goodnight to specific things in the child’s life, but then delves into nighttime details such as bath time, ‘We’re so grubby, Tubby Scrubby,’ and stalling, ‘PJs on, a book and then….I’m not done. Again! Again!’

“The baby in the book does end up falling happily asleep in his crib. A fun page of nighttime items are offered in illustrations at the back of the book to help continue baby’s learning.

“Snuggle up with your little one and prepare him/her for a full night of slumber with the happy and loving book, ‘Nighty-Night.’

“Learning is fun with many of Patricelli’s light-hearted and humorous board books. Other favorites include: ‘Quiet Loud,’ ‘Potty,’ ‘No, No, Yes, Yes,’ and ‘Yummy, Yucky.’