"Make Way for Readers"

Talk to any pediatrician, librarian or literacy expert, and they’ll stress the importance of reading to little ones, starting at birth. Parent educators with the Washington School District would echo their advice.

Each month, the group selects a new hardcover book to recommend for children birth to age 5.

In partnership with The Missourian, a parent educator writes a Baby Buzz review of the featured book in the third weekend issue of The Missourian each month. This month’s review was submitted by Christy Schmich.

“In ‘Make Way for Readers,’ by Judy Sierra, the ‘story reader’ is Miss Bingo, a beautiful pink flamingo. Her library is in a colorful garden with high green grass, soft blankets and pillows to sit on. This lovely reading space has bookcases filled with lots of wonderful reads.

“An assortment of baby animals come to hear Miss Bingo read and sing rhymes to them. She shares nursery rhymes from long ago with the children. There is much laughing, dancing and singing together.

“The illustrations were created by G. Brian Karas, and they are colorful and happy. I feel this book is especially good for preschoolers and will help them develop their imaginations and sing along. Mother Goose nursery rhymes are repetitious and fun.

“The subject matter of this book makes it a fast read for children in an age group in which sitting for long periods is difficult. I would recommend this book to all families of young children. Reading books to children encourages them to read throughout their lives.”