"Goodnight, Good Dog"

Dog books have great appeal for little ones. Delight your youngster with “Goodnight, Good Dog,” a padded board book version of the popular title by Mary Lyn Ray.

It’s the newest book selected as a Baby Buzz Pick by Chris Stuckenschneider, Missourian book editor, and Maria Brady-Smith, former parent educator with the Washington School District.

Each month the pair chooses a quality book for children birth to age 5. A review of The Missourian’s Baby Buzz Pick appears in the second weekend issue of the newspaper. Following is Brady-Smith’s review of “Goodnight, Good Dog”:

How many times have you heard, “But I’m not tired!” from your energetic little one when bedtime rolls around? A book will work wonders, and “Goodnight, Good Dog” is the perfect picture book to wind down with.

Good Dog wanders the house after everyone is asleep, checking on the family and listening to “the sounds the dark makes.” He knows the shadows and the moon quiet. But he is not sleepy. He remembers his day, remembers all the words he knows, but he still isn’t sleepy . . . well, maybe only a little . . .

“Goodnight, Good Dog” is an adorable story that soothes and relaxes as it calms fears of the dark. When I read it out loud to my grandchildren, I found myself almost wanting to whisper. The illustrations by Rebecca Malone are as beautifully soft and dreamy as the narrative.

By the time Good Dog finally curls up in his moon-round bed and drifts off, you and (hopefully) your child, may be yawning, too. And, like Good Dog, before you know it, a “new day will be waiting.” Sweet dreams!