A lonely turtle becomes a refuge for his friends in “Turtle Island,” by Kevin Sherry, the August Baby Buzz Pick, chosen by Washington School District Parents as Teachers.

Each month, the group selects a quality hardcover book for children birth to age 5. The parent educators purchase additional copies of the book to use in their visits with parents and children.

The following review was written by Maria Brady Smith, early childhood special education process coordinator.

“Learning to work and play with others is one of the major tasks of early childhood. This is a time when parents are dealing with squabbles between siblings, the defiant ‘NO!’ and the self-righteous ‘MINE!’

“It is a time when children are learning about others — their similarities and differences. They are learning about how to be a friend and the ups and downs of life with other children. There are so many social skills that a child needs in order to be happy and successful in school, and in life, that some of us might argue that these are the most important lessons of this stage of development.

“That is why I always welcome books about these issues, especially because children learn so much through story.

“Kevin Sherry’s ‘Turtle Island’ is just such a book. The adorable ‘BIG as an island’ turtle is all alone in the vast ocean until one day some shipwrecked visitors show up. Turtle is happy to let them live on his shell as he feeds them fish.

“The animals demonstrate kindness and cooperation as everyone works together using their own talents. Turtle’s generosity blossoms into a community that grows on and around him and he is lonely no more.

“Simple language and lots of detailed pictures make this a perfect read-aloud book with a positive message.”

Other parent educator favorites this month are, “Counta Block” by Christopher Franceschelli, illustrated by Peskimo; and “Peek-a-boo Barn” by Nat Sims with illustrations by Nathan Tabor.