"Five Little Ducks"

You can count on cute, little yellow ducklings to steal a toddler’s heart. Add some interactive features and “Five Little Ducks” more than fits the bill as a Baby Buzz Pick.

The board book is the newest chosen for that honor by parent educators with the Washington School District.

Each month the group selects an engaging hardcover book to highlight as their Baby Buzz Pick. A review of the book appears in the third weekend issue of The Missourian.

The following review was written by parent educator Lisa J. Ruth.

“ ‘Five Little Ducks,’ by Natalie Marshall, is a delightful read that incorporates fingerplay, tabbed pages, counting and rhyme. The book is made of a sturdy material sure to stand up to a young child’s growing curiosity of books. The ‘tabs’ make turning the pages a little easier for the youngest of readers.

“The story begins with Mama Duck taking her ducklings out to play. Each time she calls the ducklings back, one less duck returns to her. The repeated rhyme allows children to quickly become familiar with the words. This allows them the opportunity to focus on predicting what will happen next and on the fingerplay.

“Visual clues are given on each page so parents will easily be able to lead their children in the fingerplay. In addition to counting backward from five to zero, preschool children can count the ducklings.

“Fingerplays are a great way to practice hand-eye coordination and to develop fine motor skills. ‘Five Little Ducks’ offers just the right number to encourage finger movement for young learners. This engaging book is sure to be a hit with babies and preschoolers alike, because of its engaging illustrations, rhyme and rhythm.”