My Grandparents Love Me

Celebrate grandparents with “My Grandparents Love Me,” a heartwarming story sure to be enjoyed by members of all generations. This entertaining picture book by Claire Freedman is the September Baby Buzz Pick, the most recent book to receive the honor from parent educators with the Washington School District.

Each month the group selects a quality hardcover book for children birth to age 5. A representative of the group then writes a review that appears in the second weekend issue of The Missourian. Parent educators have partnered with The Missourian on Baby Buzz since 2007.

The following review was written by Sandi Gildehaus, coordinator, Washington Parents as Teachers.

“Baking cookies, dancing in the kitchen, playing dress-up with real clothes, learning to sew, and setting the table for every meal — these are the memories I have of my grandparents.

“ ‘My Grandparents Love Me’ is an adorable book perfect for Grandparents Day, on Sept. 11.

“ ‘I’m off to Gran and Grandpa’s with a big smile on my face. I always feel wrapped up in love when I stay at their place!’

“This charming tale documents the loving bond a bitty zebra enjoys with a grandparent. Sleepovers at Gran and Grandpa’s house include a roomful of toys, tons of delicious cupcakes, and playing with all of Grandpa’s tools! (Things that might not be approved by Mom and Dad.)

“It’s a busy time as the little zebra family goes swimming, spends time at the fair and reads special books. The bond between this little zebra and his grandparents is evident, through this rhyming story with fun-filled pages illustrated by Judi Abbot.

“Grandparents offer one of the most special relationships in your child’s life. She needs a world filled with love, guidance, and care, and grandparents can help give this to her!

“A grandparent’s secure attachment prepares your child for positive relationships all her life. Grandparents can nurture the child with fun activities. They also can share your family heritage. Celebrate traditions together. Even ‘spill the beans’ on what you were like as a child growing up.”

Other books recommended by parent educators this month are “Bathtime With Theo and Beau” by Jessica Shyba, and “Blue Boat” by Kersten Hamilton.