"100 Things That Make Me Happy"

The wonder of the world comes to life in rhyme in “100 Things That Make Me Happy,” by Amy Schwartz. The book is the November Baby Buzz Pick, chosen by parent educators with the Washington School District.

Each month, the group selects a quality, hardcover book for children birth to age 5. The parent educators then purchase additional copies of the book to use in their visits with children and their parents.

The following review was written by Pat Frank, coordinator, Washington Parents as Teachers.

“Young children love to point to, and identify, pictures. A baby will point and wait for a parent or grandparent to model that magic word that they may not have heard before! Children also like to use a ‘sing-songy’ voice while reciting words that rhyme.

“The picture book ‘100 Things That Make Me Happy’ celebrates all of this! Author/illustrator Amy Schwartz has done a masterful job of compiling favorite things that bring joy to children’s lives and uses action-filled pictures to spark thoughts of ‘What will happen next?’

“With vibrantly colored illustrations she introduces ‘Baby Toes — a Puppy’s Nose, The City Zoo, Zooming Planes — Chugging Trains.’

“In previous Baby Buzz reviews, the value and importance of rhyming words in books has been stressed. ‘100 Things’ is a fine example, offering children the gift of the beat, rhythm and rhyme. The bonus is a surprise poster inside the book displaying colorful illustrations of all 100 favorite things!

“We all enjoy a happy ending — this book is a reminder to parents of what is most important, time spent with their little ones.”

Another parent educator favorite this month is “Mine” by Sue Heap.