Making Faces, a First Book of Emotions

Babies and toddlers are keen observers of faces, often mimicking smiles and rewarding us with giggles. Little ones will get an eyeful of babies displaying their feelings in “Making Faces: A First Book of Emotions,” published by Abrams Appleseed.

The board book is the newest chosen as a Baby Buzz Pick, quality, hardcover books suggested for infants and children birth to age 5.

“Look at the HAPPY baby,” the book begins. “Can you make a HAPPY face?”

On the opposite page the photograph of the happy baby is arranged in a circle with the faces of five other babies, each displaying a different feeling.

The book continues making a statement and then asking a question, “Can you make a SAD face?” “Can you make an ANGRY face?” “Can you make a SURPRISED face?” Children can then pick out the featured face on the opposite page.

The children who are shown remain the same throughout the book, but their emotions change, offering the opportunity for children to learn that each of us feels lots of different emotions. An added plus is a mirror on the last page, certain to be used to mimic expressions little ones have viewed in the book.

“Making Faces” is not only fun and educational, it’s inclusive; each face shows a child of a different nationality, all of them cute as a bug’s ear.

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