"Pie is for Sharing"

Take a step back in time with the July Baby Buzz Pick, “Pie Is For Sharing,” by Stephanie Parsley. This picture book portrays the U.S. of A. at its best, with nostalgic illustrations by Jason Chin that will have readers pining for picnics with watermelon, family reunions and bike rides on streets adorned with flags and banners in red, white and blue for the Fourth of July.

Each month The Missourian selects a new hardcover book for children birth to age 5. A review of the book appears in the second weekend issue of The Missourian, alternately written by Chris Stuckenschneider, book editor, and Maria Brady-Smith, former parent educator with the Washington School District.

Following is Stuckenschneider’s review of “Pie is for Sharing.”

Any way you slice it this yummy book has broad appeal and teaches valuable lessons about sharing, which can be difficult for young children. After a little boy at a gathering passes out pieces of lattice-laced cherry pie to his friends, the poetic book moves on to other things that can be shared — a book, a ball, a tree.

Jump ropes can be shared, as can “a rhyme, time, a boat, a stream, your towel, warmed by the sun…Hideouts and treasures — these are good to share.”

One glorious illustration after another presents children having fun and interacting in the glorious outdoors, finally gathering on blankets to flag-wave on the Fourth, to share words and music, berries and the “last piece of homemade bread,” before passing the light from one sparkler to another, as fireworks burst in the night sky.

Everything lovely about the summer months comes to life in text and illustrations in this book that’s meant to be shared – even if you don’t have a slice of pie to go along with it.

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