Found Dogs

Tail-wagging fun can be found in the August Baby Buzz Pick, “Found Dogs,” a picture book about pooches, you can literally count on.

From 1 to 10 and back down again, this counting book uses dogs, in all shapes and sizes, and their adoptive parents, to teach children about numbers. It’s a perfect pick for kids ages 2-5, but older children are sure to get a woof out of it too.

The creative rhyming book has uncluttered pages with oversized illustrations of dogs in a variety of colors, personalities and moods. You’ll meet “1 dog, long and low,” a dachshund, followed by “2 dogs, silver and slow.” Each page has a number at the top, in bold, black text, easy for little ones to decipher, to point to, pronounce or trace with a finger.

The final page in the counting-up sequence shows a spread with “10 dogs, slobbering hounds,” that’s detailed and clever — who knew slobber could find so many places to land?

Once all the dogs are introduced in the count-up, illustrations of 55 different doggie faces are presented, offering children the opportunity to choose the dog they like best, or several. Text reminds the pups, “Wait, dogs, a little longer . . . soon, dogs, you’ll be found.” And so they are when crowds of people enter the City Shelter on Adoption Day.

The counting then reverses, beginning with “10 dogs,” the slobbery bunch, “saying hello” to 10 folks who wave to them, chew bones in hand. Followed by nine bulldogs “ready to go, 8 dogs, stealing kisses, 7 dogs, snuggling so, 6 dogs, meet and greet, 5 dogs smiling sweet.” The last dog is adopted by a girl in a wheelchair who cradles “1 dog,” “long and low” in her arms, while the pup smothers her with kisses.

There’s much to relish about “Found Dogs,” a dear book that celebrates the joy that results when pups find forever homes.

Other Baby Buzz suggestions this month are “Train” by Chris Demarest, “Motor Mix” by Emily Snape, and “Say Zoop!” by Hervé Tullet.

Baby Buzz Picks can be purchased at Neighborhood Reads in Downtown Washington.