Baby Buzz Pick Celebrates the Joy that Babies Bring

“Ten Tiny Toes” by Todd Tarpley celebrates the joy that babies bring to our lives.

Parent educators with the Washington School District have selected the title as their Baby Buzz Pick for October. Each month the group selects a quality book for babies and toddlers and names it the Baby Buzz Pick.

The Missourian partners with the parent educators and runs a review of the book in the second weekend issue of the newspaper. An ongoing list of Baby Buzz Picks can be found at and is continuously updated.

The following review was written by Nancy Nagel, area literacy advocate.

“Our toes carry us throughout our lives, and this new book chronicles the ‘life’ of 10 tiny toes belonging to many different children. ‘Into the world came 10 tiny toes, a hundred times sweeter than one could suppose.’

“Children with a variety of skin tones, hair color and ethnic backgrounds are depicted in this book. They are shown being kissed, snuggled and cared for.

“The cycle repeats itself as a young mother cradles her newborn and kisses his 10 tiny toes. The book ends with a wish for all babies to be loved, ‘Because nothing on earth you could even suppose can ever be loved quite like 10 tiny toes.’

“Illustrator Marc Brown is the creator of the Arthur Adventures book series and creative producer of the children’s PBS television series Arthur. The illustrations in this book were made with cut paper, gouache and colored pencil.

“Skin to skin contact between babies and caregivers is important for your child’s development. It provides security, can be calming and also provides sensory stimulation to a new baby. Babies will learn to recognize the touch and feel of regular caregivers and look forward to tender touching times.

“Infant massage, gentle pressure and cuddling are ways to build a relationship between you and your new baby. At bath or diaper-changing time, take time to make eye contact with your baby as you sing a nursery rhyme, play with her toes and just get to know each other.”

Other parent educator favorites this month are “Mice” by Rose Flynn, “Just say BOO!” by Susan Hood, “Squeak, Rumble, Whomp, Whomp, Whomp” by Wynton Marsalis, “One Boy” by Laura Vaccaro Seeger, and “Let’s Sing a Lullaby with the Brave Cowboy” by Jan Thomas.