Hey Duck

Treat tots to “Hey Duck,” a picture book with pastel, spun-sugar pictures and a humorous story sure to please. Author/illustrator Carin Bramsen’s newest book is the Baby Buzz Pick for March, chosen by parent educators with the Washington School District.

Each month the group chooses a quality, hardcover book for babies and toddlers birth to age 5. In partnership with The Missourian, the parent educators write a review that runs in the second weekend issue of the newspaper. The group then purchases additional copies of the Baby Buzz Pick to use in their visits with parents and children.

The following review was written by area literacy advocate Nancy Nagel.

“An unlikely pair become fast friends in ‘Hey Duck.’

“Little duckling thinks the furry creature in the yard is a fellow duck. Much to his surprise, it’s a kitten that wants nothing to do with the quacking creature looking for a playmate. ‘Will you please note that I’m a cat. I want to be alone, so scat!’

“Eventually friendship wins out as kitten realizes it might be fun to have someone to play with. ‘My sense of me has gone amuck! I’m pretty sure I am a duck. I’m not a cat, this much I know. For no real cat would miss you so.’

“Then duckling responds to seal the deal, ‘Well, duck or cat, you’re my friend now, which makes we want to shout . . . MEOW!’

“Detailed illustrations provide realistic pictures to support the story line. The lush green grass and bright blue sky let you know it’s a beautiful spring day. The expressions on duckling and kitten’s faces tell the story along with the words.

“Spring is a wonderful time of year to read and learn about baby animals. Visit a petting zoo, educational farm or local feed store to see and pet all kinds of baby farm animals. Local animal shelters abound with kittens and puppies this time of year.

“Check out nonfiction books from your local library and learn all about ducks and cats. Ask your child to tell you some differences between the two types of animals and write down his or her responses to create your own book.

“This book also provides a great starting point for a discussion of friendship with older preschoolers. You might ask your child about his friends, what they like to do together, and how they are alike and different.”

Other parent educators favorites this month are “The Bus Driver” by Todd H. Doodler, “Lick” by Matthew Van Fleet, “Jasper and Joop” by Olivier Dunrea, “Bella Loves Bunny” by David McPhail, and “Ol’ Mama Squirrel” by David Ezra Stein.