A child puts on his big boy face in “I Am So Brave,” by Stephen Krensky, the newest Baby Buzz Pick chosen by parent educators with the Washington School District.

Each month the group selects a hardcover, quality book for children birth to age five. The parent educators then purchase additional copies of the Baby Buzz Picks to use in their visits with children.

The following review was written by Pat Frank, Coordinator, Washington Parents as Teachers.

“Multiple, positive messages are presented in ‘I Am Brave.’ It is a book that will grow with your child from toddler to preschool. Any little one will be drawn to the illustrations by done in retro color block print style by Sara Gillingham.

“‘I was so scared of the dark,’ shows a wide-eyed look on a little boy’s face, but the opposing page he says, ‘Then I saw the stars shine.’

“The children’s facial expressions are vivid and will inspire parents and caregivers to discuss feelings and emotions. It may be a good time to explore acting out different emotions and imitating facial expressions. Children may be able to express their fears and feelings through role playing.

“‘I Am So Brave’ addresses common fears young children generally experience including separation anxiety. ‘I was scared of goodbyes’ Now I’m happy to wave.’ This is a book your child will want you to read over and over, and the repetition will probably ease some fears in the future.”

Other Parent Educator favorites this month are, “Hickory Dickory Dog,” by Alison Murray, “Number One Sam,” by Greg Pizzoli, and “Hooray for Hat,” by Brian Won.