"When a Dad Says, 'I Love You'"

Daddies day is right around the corner, and parent educators with the Washington School District have chosen a Baby Buzz Pick that celebrates a father’s unique way of loving, playing and bee-ing with their little ones.

“When a Dad Says ‘I Love You’” by Douglas Wood, celebrates the man of the house, a big guy with a soft heart.

Each month the parent educators select a quality book to suggest for children birth to 5 years of age. The group purchases additional copies of the Baby Buzz Pick to use in their visits with parents, caretakers and their families.

A Baby Buzz review is featured in the second weekend issue of The Missourian.

An ongoing list of Baby Buzz Picks is available on The Missourian’s web site, emissourian.com. The following Baby Buzz review was written by Nancy Nagel, area literacy advocate.

“Actions speak louder than words as a wide variety of dads express their love for their children in the new picture book, ‘When a Dad Says ‘I Love You.’

“Dads are seen making pancakes, singing endless verses of songs, and hoisting little ones to their shoulders for a better view of a parade. Dads show their love in quiet ways too, like reading a favorite story, tucking baby into bed and saying ‘Sweet dreams, Sweet Pea.’

“The book concludes with Dad saying a traditional ‘I love you’ …in the plain, old ordinary way.

“The gently-colored illustrations were made with pencil, and then finished digitally. The illustrator chose make-believe animal pairs to tell the story. Smiles and looks of affection are evident on the faces of the fathers and children.

“Young children will enjoy reading this book with their mom or dad and talking about all the activities pictured. Younger children will enjoy saying some of the silly names: ‘mug ump,’ ‘snickle-fritz,’ ‘flap-doodle’ and ‘scatterwhomp.’ Preschoolers will enjoy talking about the adventures of the characters and relating them to their own experiences.

“Fathers and other adult males play a crucial role in the lives of young children. Spend time with your children to build strong bonds that will last a lifetime. Everyday activities provide the starting point, chores around the house, meal, bath and bedtime. Listen to your child; give her your undivided attention for a few minutes each day. Both of you will benefit and your relationship will blossom from the experience.

“On Father’s Day, and every day, we say thanks to the men in the lives of our young children.”

Other parent educator favorites this month are, “Wait! Wait!” by Hatsue Nakawaki, “My Grandpa,” by Marta Altes, “Time-Out for Sophie,” by Rosemary Wells, “Bella’s Rules,” by Elissa Haden Guest, and “Everyone Can Learn to Ride a Bicycle,” by Chris Raschka.