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Around the hive, Newsbee always drones on about how grateful he is to get Book Buzz reviews. It means a lot to your literary bee buddy to know that the books he’s suggesting are being read and enjoyed.

A book is an uncomplicated treasure of astounding merit. Unlike some gifts, it doesn’t require batteries or an electrical charge to entertain — just a simple page-turn launches us into literary adventures with a bevy of interesting characters to accompany us. This holiday season, Newsbee hop…

One of America’s greatest blessings is its diversity. Our friends and neighbors have faces of many shades and eyes of different shapes, but our gifts combine and give birth to “A Glorious Mosaic.” We are a land of immigrants; our roots may be far-flung, but we join hands as “ . . . one natio…

A nod of Newsbee’s antennae goes to Allison Gildehaus, a sixth-grader at Clark-Vitt Elementary School. Allison wrote a review on Newsbee’s September Middle Pick, “Game Changers: The Story of Venus and Serena Williams,” by Lesa Cline-Ransome.

Baby Buzz

Help little ones grow familiar with common items found in various rooms of a home using “House: First Words Board Books: 5 Books Inside,” illustrated by Michael Slack. This ingenious book has been chosen as the October Baby Buzz Pick.

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