Most of the names we have identified as serving in this time period were found in the "Centennial Biographical Directory of Franklin County Missouri" by H.G. Kiel published in 1925. Microfilm has been found at the State Archives in Jefferson City of a Unit that was mustered in and re-enlisted just after the Civil War. It is very difficult to read but a lot of information can be obtained from the microfilm.

Most of the veterans in this time period served in the Western Indian territories. State militia units should have been formed during this period, but at this time, none have been found. Another conflict during this time frame was the Kansas-Missouri border troubles also know as the Southwest Expedition of 1860. This conflict began over the issue of slavery and was a prelude to the Civil War.

Information obtained regarding Richard Gearin shows that he was born in Cork County, Ireland, and moved to Boles Township in Franklin County. He served five years prior to the Civil War in the U.S. Infantry and then with several different units during the Civil War. He began his service career at the age of 26 in Pittsburg and mustered out at Fort Garland, New Mexico.

Information obtained regarding Henry Griefield states that he was born in Washington and entered the service at the age of 21 in St. Louis. He served five years with Company K of the Second U.S. Calvary which also was known as the Gray Horse Calvary. He received a gun shot to the leg and also had a horse shot out from under him. Mr. Griefield was discharged from Fort Ellis Montana.

Complete Records:

Bruff, William H.

Cramer, Maniel

Gearin, Richard

Griefeld, Henry

Kriege, Henry E.

Shuck, John W.

Incomplete Records:

Hardeman, Letcher

Taylor, James Nelson

Letcher Hardeman lived in Gray Summit, having graduated from West Point. He served in the Western Territories, Spanish American and Philippine American Wars. After retirement he was called back to serve in World War I. We are hoping to locate his full military records.

The Veterans Hall of Honor Committee was created to honor the Veterans who were associated with Franklin County. Criteria for inclusion in the Hall of Honor include: be a veteran having an honorable discharge, born or raised in Franklin County or lived in Franklin County for at least ten years (which is difficult to define in the earlier periods) or buried in Franklin County.

Anyone willing to donate pictures, military histories, military uniforms or insignias that you would like to have included and displayed in the Hall of Honor or if any one has service information or family history on the above names or veterans that were inadvertently not on the list please contact us.

The County's internet site is Go to Veterans Hall of Honor and complete the information sheet found there. Other contact information is

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