In 1804 a treaty was signed with a portion of the Black Hawks and by 1831 attacks were made against the white settlers near Rock River, Ill. by the Black Hawk tribe members that did not sign the treaty.

In fear that the war would spread across the Mississippi River into Missouri, the governor called up 2,000 Missouri Mounted Militia Volunteers. Their responsibility was patrolling and manning the forts. Before they saw military action the Black Hawk chief was captured and the tribe was defeated.

I was able to identify seven veterans from this war. One served in Illinois and the other six were recruited by Captain Nathan Boone, the youngest son of Daniel Boone. They were recruited from Franklin County and their records were found in the U.S. Army Register of Enlistments. I am still researching and trying to locate the unit roster of Nathan Boone's Unit which could provide more names to be added to this conflict and provide better documentation of the Veterans.


Usher, Moses H.


Baxter, Gilford D.

Gibson, Riley

Massie, Peter

McGibson, Jorden

McKinney, David

Wilson, David

The Veterans Hall of Honor Committee was created to honor the Veterans who were associated with Franklin County. Criteria for inclusion in the Hall of Honor include: be a veteran having an honorable discharge, born or raised in Franklin County or lived in Franklin County for at least ten years (which is difficult to define in the earlier periods) or buried in Franklin County.

Anyone willing to donate pictures, military histories, military uniforms or insignias that you would like to have included and displayed in the Hall of Honor or if any one has service information or family history on the above names or veterans that were inadvertently not on the list please contact us.

The County's internet site is Go to Veterans Hall of Honor and complete the information sheet found there. Other contact information is

Phone numbers to call are 636-583-6360 (office) or 636-239-0317 (home). The mailing address is: Terry O. Wilson, 400 East Main Street, Room 206, Union, MO 63084.