In the early 1830s the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith reportedly had a revelation in which God revealed that Jackson County was the location for Christ's return to earth. Consequently, the area realized a large migration of members of the Church of Jesus Christ Later Day Saints.

The people who had already settled in the area were afraid they would be pushed off their lands. In 1836, the citizens of Clay County requested the Mormons be removed from the area. Conflicts broke out between the Mormons and the settlers.

Gov. Lilburn Boggs, a War of 1812 veteran and a former attorney in Union, issued an executive order that the Mormons should be treated as enemies and must be exterminated for the public peace. As the conflict progressed the Mormons signed away their holdings and moved to Illinois.This was at best an improper conflict but the veterans that served did so at their state's call to service.

During my research I found one unit that had been formed in Franklin County who served only a short time and was sent home. More discussion and research is needed on other possible veterans. Gov. Boggs, record shows, was married to Panthea Boone, Daniel Boone's daughter. After an attempt on his life, he moved to Napa Valley, California, where he died in 1860.

In the "Centennial Biographical Directory of Franklin County Missouri" by H.G. Kiel published in 1925 had little mention regarding the Mormon War with the exception of Achillies Whitehead Jefferies. Mr. Jefferies lived in the Jefferiesburg area and was a brigadier general commanding the Second Brigade, 6th Division. His name also is mentioned during the Mexican War recruiting soldiers for that war.

Below are the names listed as having served in the Mormon War:


Armstrong, John

Armstrong, Robert

Baily, William

Bay, Minion

Blair, John L.

Boyd, G Washington

Boyd, Thomas

Brown, James

Brown, Thomas

Caldwell, W.J.

Callaway, Daniel B.

Callaway, F.H.

Calloaway, J.B.

Campbell, Smith

Cheek, James

Childers, Henry

Childers, J. Milton

Childers, Johnson

Childers, Thomas G.

Childers, William P.

Davis, George

Davis, William

Dent, Henry

Duncan, J.L.

Duncan, John

Duncan, M.A.

Frazier, A.

Glenn, William

Harden, J.R.

Heatherly, James

Heatherly, Oslas

Henton, Daniel R.

Hinton, Jobe

Hutton, J.M.

Hyatt, Eley

Jefferies, Achillies Whitehead

Johns, John E.

Johnson, Preston B.

Jones, Benjamin B.

Jones, J. Washington

Jones, William B.

Larimore, Levy

Larimore, Pinkney

Link, A.

Masey, Thomas

Masey, Yerby

Massie, William

Maupin, Amos

Maupin, Wilkerson

McDonnold, F.G.

McWilliams, Jackson

Miller, George W.

Miller, Perry

Moore, Isah

Murphey, E.W.

Musick, M.M.

Musick, William M.

Napper, Patrick

Painter, William

Phillips, John J.

Phillips, William

Reed, James

Renfro, Thomas

Richardson, Aaron

Richardson, Daniel

Richardson, Green C.

Richarson, Scott

Roberts, Asa

Shelton, Miller

Shelton, Samuel

Stiles, Isaac

Stiles, James

Taylor, Felix

Taylor, Hiram

Taylor, William

Todd, John A.

Truesdell, John

Walker, E.L.

Walker, T.F.

Ware, John

West, Parker

Woodland, William

Incomplete or Residency:

Aubuckle, Robert

Baily, James

Bales, L.J.

Brown, Silas

Choteau, Augustus

Clark, Alexander D.

Cooper, Charles L.

Dace, Harmon

Daughtery, John

Doris, E.

Evans, John

Frigwater, J.W.

Hamilton, Jackson

Hamilton, John L.

Hamilton, Zeno T.

Hance, James

Manel, E.

McCholester, John

Momam, Hiram

Myers, M.

Odgen, John I.S.

Ownes, Samuel C.

Park, Dudley

Penrod, Daniel

Rodgers, Isaac

Romins, Thomas

Smith, Asa

Spain, James

Stocklin, J.

VanLiiur, George

Weathers, J.S.

Whitmore, Christopher F.

Whitmore, Isaac C.

The Veterans Hall of Honor Committee was created to honor the Veterans who were associated with Franklin County. Criteria for inclusion in the Hall of Honor include: be a veteran having an honorable discharge, born or raised in Franklin County or lived in Franklin County for at least ten years or buried in Franklin County.

Anyone willing to donate pictures, military histories, military uniforms or insignias that you would like to have included and displayed in the Hall of Honor or if any one has service information on the above names or veterans that were inadvertently not on the list please contact us.

The County's internet site is Go to Veterans Hall of Honor and complete the information sheet found there. Other contact information

Phone numbers to call are 636-583-6360 (office) or 636-239-0317 (home). The mailing address is: Terry O. Wilson, 400 East Main Street, Room 206, Union, MO 63084.