This list also will be helpful when researching veterans that served in the Osage War in 1804 and Lewis and Clark military personnel that lived in Franklin County.

Missouri's portion of the War of 1812 comprised a series of attacks by the Sac and Fox Native American tribes which were supplied by British outposts. Most of the fighting occurred north of the Missouri River. Two major forts were constructed in what was to later become Missouri, Fort Bellefontaine near current day St. Louis, and Fort Osage near current day Independence.

Sixteen of the names we have identified as serving in this conflict were found in the "Centennial Biographical Directory of Franklin County Missouri" by H.G. Kiel published in 1925. After considerable research, 149 names have been identified and, we believe, may have been involved in this conflict. More research will be needed.

Records during this time frame are inadequate. Some were lost when the state capitol burned in 1830s and there is a lack of records for this conflict in the state archives. The area that would become Franklin County was beginning to become settled. The area was still frontier but began seeing more farming activities and a growth in the number of slaves. Numerous veterans from the War of 1812 became political leaders on the county and state level.

An excellent early militia resource is "Evolution of the Missouri Militia into the National Guard of Missouri 1804-1919" written by Dr. John Glendower Westover. It was interesting to read about military law and procedures during that time period.

Military law required all able-bodied white males between the ages of 16 and 60 (later changed to 18-45) unless they had certain exceptions, must belong to the state militia. Officers were elected. Noncommissions were appointed commanders for one year. Their musters became a community event with picnics being held after drilling practice.


Adems, Burrell B.

Allen, Isaiah

Anderson, John

Barron, Zachariah

Billups, Thomas

Boggs, Lilburn Wycliffe

Bray, Daniel

Caldwell, John

Cantley, Samuel

Chambers, Alexander

Childers, Thomas Goldsbury

Cole, Matthew

Colter, John

Cooper, Francis

Duncan Jr., Elijah

Elliot, George W.

English Sr., John

Fergason, Joseph M.

Fisher, Jacob

Fitzwater, Andrew

Goode, Philip

Groff, Andrew

Hatherly, Benjamin

Hooper, Thomas

Lock, William

Martin, James

McMahon, Patrick

North, James O.

Pattie. Sylvester

Phillips Sr., Samual

Potts, John

Rutherford, Granville

Shuffield, John

Sullins, Joseph

Tackett, Enoch

Terry, Benjamin D.

Thompson, John H.

Williamson Jr., Cuthbert

Williamson Jr., Cuthberth

Wood, Thomas


Anderson, Edmund

Barns, Robert B.

Barton, Thomas

Bell, John

Bradberry, Walter

Brock, Joshua

Brown, Daniel

Brown, James

Butler, John

Cain, Jesse

Campbell, William

Cantley, John

Casey, Jesse

Chuning, Robert

Colter, John

Cowan, James

Crump, George

Farrar, John S.

Frazier, Robert

Gaines, A.

Greenstreet, Absalom

Greenstreet, William

Haigler, Jacob

Hale, Zachariah

Hall, Henry

Hall, Lewis

Harrison, Reuben

Henkson, William

Hensly, Willis

Hinkle, John

Holliday, Benjamin

Horine, John

Hubbard, David

Huff, Alpheus

Jackson, Richard Ludlow

Johnson, Abraham

Jones, John

Jones, John

Jones, John

Jones, Richard

Keatley, William

Keen, Mathias

Lawson, William

Leonard, Charles

Lewis, Marton

Massey, Peter

Maupin, John

McAllister, Garland

Mentur, William

Moore, Daniel B.

Murphy, Isaac

Musick, Uel

Neely, David

Nunn, Louis

Osborn, William

Patten, John

Patton, Joseph

Pepper, James

Phillips, Charles

Pickett, John

Plummer, Joseph E.

Potts, Jonathan

Pritchett, John

Reavis, Joseph

Reed, John

Reynolds, John

Richardson, Larking P.

Roark, James

Roberts, Archibald H.

Roberts, Thomas

Robertson, Joel

Rodgers, James

Rodgers, Lewis

Sappington, Benoni

Seaton, James M.

Shamway, Amos

Shookman, Michael

Smith, Thomas

Spencer, John

Spencer, William

Steel, Henry

Sullens, John

Sullens, Zachariah

Terry, Benjamin D.

Thompson, George

Todd, Josiah

Triplett, Burr

Tucker, Beverly (Nathaniel)

Waddell, Amos

West, John

Willard Sr., Alexander Hamilton

Williams, James

Williams, John

Williamson, Charles

Witherton, John

No records found:

Breeding, James

Breeding, William

Butron, Seth

Groff, Anderson

Knapp, John H.

McSpadden, John

Musick, Robert

Porter, William

Shehan, John

Sullins, Robert F.

Willard Sr., Alexander Hamilton

The Veterans Hall of Honor Committee was created to honor the Veterans who were associated with Franklin County. Criteria for inclusion in the Hall of Honor include: be a veteran having an honorable discharge, born or raised in Franklin County or lived in Franklin County for at least ten years or buried in Franklin County.

If any one has any informational resources regarding early military militia please contact me at one of the addresses below.

Anyone willing to donate pictures, military histories, military uniforms or insignias that you would like to have included and displayed in the Hall of Honor or if any one has service information on the above names or veterans that were inadvertently not on the list please contact us.

The County's internet site is Go to Veterans Hall of Honor and complete the information sheet found there. Other contact information is

Phone numbers to call are 636-583-6360 (office) or 636-239-0317 (home). The mailing address is: Terry O. Wilson, 400 East Main Street, Room 206, Union, MO 63084.