The Y Community Adult Literacy Program is in need of volunteer tutors to teach students in Hermann, Owensville, Pacific, St. Clair, Union and Washington.

A training session where people interested in learning more about what is involved in being a volunteer tutor will be held Friday, Jan. 27, at Scenic Regional Library, Union, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. It is required by the YMCA for all tutors.

At the present, the Y literacy program has over 40 tutors working with adult students who want to improve their literacy for a variety of reasons with a variety of goals.

Some are English as Second Language students from other countries who would like to improve their knowledge of English. Others are in HISET classes and want to get their high school degree. Some tutors work in classrooms helping students.

The free tutoring is generally one hour a week at a public library.

Attending the training session in no way commits someone to become a volunteer. It’s the first step for people who have an interest in helping others to see if adult literacy tutoring will be a good fit for them.

To register or to gain more information about this program, people should contact Diane Schwab at 636-239-5704 or