During Lent, I wrote about my buddy Tom’s endeavor to search out the most delicious fish sandwich offered in our area, at fast food or casual eating establishments.

After listing the places Tom visited, we asked readers to email or call about their favorite fillet of fish, noting we’d publish the results of his findings, and others’ input, in “Sights and Insights” the week after Easter.

Well, here I am — right on time, but where have all of you been? Not eating fish, it seems, or too shy or uninterested to respond. I prefer to think it’s the former, rather than the latter, because that would flatten my fins.

It’s Happened Before

On occasion, in the 20 years that I’ve written “Sights,” I’ve asked you, dear readers, to respond to something or the other. Once I asked you to find a mistake I’d made in a column, another time I asked if you thought I looked better with my glasses on or off, posting a photo of me with and without my specs.

There were probably other times I requested your input, to no avail. You are a quiet group out there in newspaper land, and though I wished for more fish info of late, I couldn’t bait you. Maybe you were all out fishing, or hunting mushrooms.

No problem. The fish column idea was brilliant because it sparked my husband’s curiosity, which got me out of the kitchen for an evening. Spark tackled a drive-through fish sandwich from Arby’s and came away with a smile.

Another gent we know got in the swim of things, offered his opinion on a spot Spark always threatens to take me, White Castle, where fish sandwiches rule, according to my sole responder. This man, whose name rhymes with “itch,” also noted the excellent all-you-can-eat catfish special on Wednesdays at Miller’s Grill.

The Take on Flaky Fillets

Now on to Tom’s expert fish sandwich ratings — we’ll happily go to school on his findings, all of which he rates three stars, with “the sun shining a little brighter on some than others.”

1. Hooking first place is “Simply Delightful,” Tom’s description of Dairy Delight’s fish sandwich, “the best, more expensive than some, but worth it.”

2. Arby’s came in second. Tom feels “the condiment bar is a plus, and the potato bun is the best.”

3. Snagging third place is Steak ’n Shake, “lots of crunch and tasty, a real two-hander.”

4. Next up, McDonald’s; they built their empire on burgers, but Tom says the “quality of the fish sandwich is excellent.”

5. Dairy Queen, a long-time favorite for ice cream, scores with a fish sandwich that’s “hot, crunchy and tasty.”

6. At Krakow Store, you can get a pub meal and shop for groceries — but don’t miss the “nice size fillet of fish, satisfying.”

Dear readers, if you didn’t respond to Tom’s debut survey, take heart. In Lent 2018, he’ll be back to tempt your taste buds once again with his data and opinion on fish served in full-service restaurants in and around Washington.

Be alert and ready — you won’t be able to worm out of responding next time.