The Peers Store, just west of Marthasville on the Katy Trail and Highway 94, will open for its third spring/summer/fall season on April 15.

Operated by the Glosemeyer family of Marthasville for most of its 116 years, the general store was built in 1896, survived many historic floods, and finally closed in 2012. In 2015, it re-opened to welcome visitors and local residents as a place to celebrate the special history of the Missouri River valley and to highlight conservation issues.

When Dan and Connie Burkhardt bought the store in 2014, they replaced the wood floor and gave the walls a fresh coat of paint, but the store feels like it always did for many visitors. The original shelves remain, the post office box is on display, and the scale that used to weigh feed and seed is just inside the front door.

The Peers Store has new exhibits each year. This year the focus is on the Burkhardts’ new book, “Growing Up With the River: Nine Generations on the Missouri.”

Gifted Missouri artist Bryan Haynes created original illustrations for the book, and they will be on display this year, depicting many of the stories set in LaCharrette, Marthasville, Peers, Washington, Hermann and other river towns.

The book recently received the Mom’s Choice Gold Award for excellence in family-friendly media.

Gift items tied to the characters and locations in “Growing Up With the River” are available for sale. There will be antique ruby glass, corncob pipes from pipecorn grown in Peers, books about conservation and cycling, and items with the Carolina parakeets that migrated through the river valley by the thousands before they went extinct in the mid-1800s.

All of the proceeds will go to the Katy Land Trust for beautification and conservation along the Katy Trail.

The store will be open Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 4 p.m. Acoustic musicians will perform on the porch.

A special event will be held Sunday, May 21, as a part of the Marthasville Bicentennial. Missouri State Parks will provide tram rides on the Katy Trail from Marthasville to Peers Store.

Dan Burkhardt said that the goal of the store is to “connect everyone to the value of the countryside in the Missouri River Valley and the benefits of conserving and protecting the nature and history of the river valley and southern Warren County.”

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