Missouri Wild and Wonderful

The author of a new photography book on Missouri wildlife will be at Neighborhood Reads bookstore Thursday, Sept. 21, from 5 to 8 p.m. to sign copies of “Missouri Wild and Wonderful.”

In the book, Matt Miles, of Springfield, shares his impressive collection of photos showcasing 142 beautiful images of wildlife from every region of the state taken over the past 20 years.

“The purpose of the book is to help highlight the natural resources of our state, some of the most interesting and unique things we are blessed with here,” Miles said.

Response to the book has been tremendous. Missourian outdoor columnist Brandon Butler wrote about the book recently in The Missourian, saying, “This book is the sort of treasure you want to give to others who you hope appreciate the wildlife and wild places of Missouri as you do, the sort of people who are moved by the sight of a pileated woodpecker soaring through towering shortleaf pines, the aqua blue of a deep spring, snow crusted crop fields full of migrating geese, whitetail bucks and wild turkeys. It truly showcases why Missouri is so special, and why we are the lucky ones.”

Carol Davit, Washington, executive director of the Missouri Prairie Foundation, said, “Enjoy each page of this gorgeous book with a child at your side and let photographer Matt Miles take you both on a tour of the wild and beautiful majesty of Missouri — a natural legacy that belongs to and should be cherished by present and future generations.”

Copies of Miles’ book are available at Neighborhood Reads.

He will be signing at the bookstore during the Downtown Washington Thirsty Thursday event, where downtown businesses welcome local wineries and breweries into their shops during extended shopping hours.

Neighborhood Reads will host beer tastings from Point Labaddie Brewery and cookbook samples from Finishing Touch by Ginger catering.