Missouri Veterans History Project (MVHP) marked a milestone this month when the organization submitted its 1,000th interview to the Library of Congress.

The 1,000th interviewee was Katy Kilroy who currently serves with the Missouri Army National Guard, 220 Engineer Company, and served in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

Interestingly, Kilroy’s grandfather, Joseph Frank Mica II, became the 1,001st interview recorded. Mica served in the Navy as machinist 2nd class in World War II stationed in Europe and the South Pacific from 1943-1946.

“At MVHP we are preserving history one story at a time,” said Audrey Mack, MVHP executive director. “It was an honor to record and share Katy’s story. Hearing about the family history of service from grandfather to granddaughter brought a unique opportunity to our mission.”

MVHP Board Member Jeff Corrigan, State Historical Society of Missouri oral historian, recently traveled to Tampa, Fla., to attend the Oral History Association Annual Meeting and personally presented the 1,000th interview to Monica Mohindra, program coordinator and communication, Veterans History Project, U.S. Library of Congress.

Missouri Veterans History Project (MVHP) is a nonprofit corporation organized to interview and record oral histories of veterans across the state of Missouri.

America’s veterans each played an active role in America’s history. They have a unique story to tell and perspective to share. MVHP provides a forum for veterans to tell their stories and share firsthand recollections providing richer and more personal context to historical accounts.

The recordings are provided to the veteran free-of-charge and are archived and made available to scholars, students, veterans and the public through a partnership with the State Historical Society of Missouri, the Library of Congress and other organizations.

For more information about MVHP or to make a donation, people should visit www.mvhp.net.