Four women from HomeFront Fitness in Washington competed in the annual USAPL Missouri State Powerlifting Meet Saturday, May 5, at Output Performance Gym in St. Louis.

The competitors: Carrie Schrum, Shannon McDonald, Megan Goss and Mary Tobin, all placed in their division/class.

This was the first sanctioned meet for Schrum and McDonald. Both women, coached by Laura Zwilling, only had seven weeks of programming to not only get stronger, but to learn the USAPL rules and proper lifting technique.

Schrum broke and set several state records in all three lifts: squat, (122.5 kilo), bench press (72.5 kilo) and dead-lift (160 kilo). She placed second in Open in the 72 kilo class and placed first in the Masters 1A 72 kilo class.

She also broke and set records for total amount lifted (355 kilo), total push-pull, single bench press and single dead-lift.

McDonald had meet PRs in all three lifts with a 142.5-kilo squat, a 52.5-kilo bench, and a 160-kilo deadlift. She placed first in the 84 kilo class.

Megan Goss and Mary Tobin, both seasoned lifters, also did well. Megan had a 100-kilo squat, a 57.5-kilo bench and a 142.5-kilo deadlift, and placed third in the 84 kilo class.

Mary Tobin had a 120-kilo squat, an 85-kilo bench and a 165-kilo dead-lift. She placed second in the 84-plus class.

The USAPL is a drug-tested federation. All athletes competing in this federation are not allowed to use any type of performance-enhancing drugs and random tests are conducted at the meet.

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