‘The Way of the Cross’

Children carried candles to each station of the cross during a Lenten concert, “The Way of the Cross,” held at St. Francis Borgia Church last year. Now the concert, which features traditional and contemporary music based on the 14 stations of the cross performed by the St. Francis Borgia church choir, has been recorded and is available as a CD package with songs, reflections and illustrations.

The choir of St. Francis Borgia Parish will offer a devotional concert this Sunday, March 11, at 3 p.m. “The Way of the Cross” will be at St. Francis Borgia Church, at the corner of Main and Cedar streets in Downtown Washington.

The devotional concert is based on the Stations of the Cross, a traditional Catholic devotion that follows Jesus on the road to Calvary. There are 14 “stations” or stops along the way.

“Although it is Catholic in its roots, we have found that Christians of all denominations are moved by this presentation,” said Katie Alexander, director.

St. Francis Borgia has a long tradition of choral singing. This year the adult choir will be joined by the St. Francis Borgia Youth Choir. These singers range from third grade through seventh grade and are all members of the St. Francis Borgia Parish community.

The choir has offered this concert every year since 1996 — in its home parish every other year and on opposite years in various parishes, including St. Ann’s in Clover Bottom, the Notre Dame Mother House in St. Louis, St. Ignatius in Concord Hill, St. Patrick’s Church in Rolla, and St. George Church in Hermann.

The choir also has recorded the concert. A CD package including 16 songs with narration and a 20-page devotional booklet will be available for sale after the concerts for $12.95. The narration, written by former director, Paige Byrne Shortal, is used as a guide in the chapels at Washington’s Mercy Clinic and Mercy Hospital.

The concert will be signed for the deaf.

“Over the years we have worked with three fabulous signers — Torri Ryder, Karen Peters and Corinne Glaus,” Alexander explained. “All three will be signing the concert. Their work is a lovely, graceful addition and both deaf and hearing members of the congregation enjoy their work. We have started working with three students who will also help with the signing of this concert.”

The choir is accompanied by pianist, Lucy Tobben. Featured instrumentalist for this concert will be violinist Gina Gruhn Leeker. This year the parish children’s choir will participate on several songs and as candle-bearers. Linda Reinberg and Randy Brown will provide the narration for this devotional concert

The concert lasts about 75 minutes. Admission is free.

St. Francis Borgia Church is fully accessible.

For more information about the concert or to purchase a CD, contact Alexander at 314-324-3331 or kathleen.e.alexander@gmail.com.