Hear, Bee! Hear, Bee! Even you, Chris, if you could get your nose out of that epic doorstopper of a new novel, “The Son,” by Philipp Meyer.

Newsbee holds little hope of that happening. Chris has been knee-deep in great books lately. A good read holds her positively hostage, so it’s Newsbee at the keyboard ready to fill in without droning on.

Chris’ only requirement is that I write about summer reading. She’s a tough editor, really clips a guest columnist’s wings. Tom would agree.

Some years ago Chris was up to her elbows in holiday dressing and the fixin’s, and she ran a-fowl of meeting her deadline. A turkey named Tom took over, but since then Chris has held onto her mouse like it was a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. But she trusts me and since she’s swept up in that novel about Texas, here goes.

With June come lots of opportunities for summer reading. Sake’s alive, there are a hive-full of programs at Washington Public and Scenic Regional libraries for readers of all ages. And then there’s The Missourian’s Summer Reading series — all about teens from other countries. Follow that one in the newspaper and young-uns can earn a free ticket to the Washington Town and Country Fair.

Far bee it from me to wax eloquent and waste space buzzing on about this. All the info can be found in the fetching Summer Reader Booklet my literary buddy Dawn put together. You can pick up a copy at our area libraries, The Missourian offices, the Bank of Franklin County or at the Washington Town and Country Fair office. If you’re computer savvy, log onto emissourian.com and check out the booklet on the Newspaper In Education page.

Now that you’ve got the bee-tails, let’s put our antennas together and do what we can to stop the summer “slide.” Newsbee’s not talking about the playground variety here; he’s referring to the academic “slide” children take when they don’t read over their summer break.

Studies show that kids who don’t “Page On” run the risk of having all their learnin’ fly right out the window. Come September, students are back to review, review, review, which is enough to make teachers spit stingers. And we don’t want that, now do we?

Newsbee is results-oriented, a real Do-Bee, and he came up with an idea. Parents are often swamped with carpooling and working, cooking and cleaning, tucking in and feeding the brood. Grandparents can step up to the plate and be the official book pushers — aunts and uncles can too.

If any of you have a grandchild, niece or nephew visiting from out of town, Newsbee invites you to check out a Book Buzz Book at the library and send a review to the hive — or direct it to Chris at cstucky@me.com, along with any questions. If you’re lucky she won’t be in the middle of a book and she’ll get right back with you.

That remark almost got me a swat. Back to business.

If you don’t know what book reviews we need by when, Newsbee’s got you covered. By June 15th, the hive welcomes reviews on “The Dark,” “Barbed Wire Baseball” and “Hero on a Bicycle.”

By July 15th, Newsbee looks forward to hearing what kids have to say about “Otis and the Puppy,” “The Little Book of Sloth” and “The Thing About Luck.”

And by Aug. 15th, he anticipates reading reviews on “Crankee Doodle,” “The Day the Crayons Quit” and “Below.”

Newsbee knows you’re sure to put this column on the frig, but if it slips off, or gets sticky in honey, you can stay on top of the Book Buzz selections on emissourian.com, once again on the Newspaper In Education section, or just e-mail Chris, who always has your back when it comes to books. She just called to me from the porch to remind you to follow “Novel Ideas,” and The Missourian’s book blog too — that’s MO Books, fitting name don’t you think?

Better buzz-off before she grounds me or assigns me another week’s copy. See you at the library, and on the pages of your community newspaper.