March Morpho Mania

March Morpho Mania® will be at the Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House at Faust Park, 15193 Olive Blvd., Chesterfield, March 1-31.

Nearly 3,000 Blue Morpho butterflies will be in free flight inside the 8,000-square-foot tropical conservatory. It is the largest collection of Blue Morpho butterflies in the United States.

The Blue Morpho is one of the largest butterflies at the Butterfly House and has a six-inch wingspan. Blue Morphos also have tiny scales on their wings which refract light and produce flashes of blue that bewilder predators in nature. Common Blue Morpho butterflies (Morpho peleides) are native to Central and South America. The collection at the Butterfly House mainly hails from El Bosque Nuevo, a sustainable butterfly farming operation in Costa Rica.