Twelve Franklin County 4-H clubs have announced their candidates for the annual St. Pat’s King and Queen Coronation to be held Saturday, April 6, at 7 p.m. at the Union Middle School. The event is the annual fund-raiser for the Franklin County 4-H Council. County 4-H Poster Art contest winners, project medal winners, and members who participated in a 2012 state 4-H contest will also be recognized at the event.

The king and queen are selected by votes cast at a penny per vote. Families, clubs and local businesses donate money on behalf of the candidates. All funds raised support Franklin County 4-H educational programs. Those wishing to contribute to a candidate should contact the candidate, or the Franklin County University of Missouri Extension Center, 636-583-5141.

At the end of the coronation ceremony, Dave Hileman, 4-H Youth specialist, will lead folk and circle dances for the whole family. Refreshments will also be served. All are welcome to join in the festivities.

Candidates nominated are:

Campbellton 4-H Club — Lindsey Kluesner, daughter of Jackie and Pete Kluesner.

Campbellton Livestock 4-H Club — Jessie Piontek Tovo, daughter of Amy Furlow and James Tovo.

Fireball 4-H Club — Karen Dubbs and Gabe Dubbs, daughter and son of Dolane and Joseph Dubbs.

Go Hog Wild 4-H Club — Cora Geisert, daughter of Jodi and Sean Geisert, and Brittany Reynolds, daughter of Melissa and Jason Reynolds.

Japan 4-H Club — Abby Weiskopf, daughter of Susan and Richard Weiskopf, and Justin Cassidy, son of Tricha and Scott Cassidy.

Jeffriesburg 4-H Club — Caitlynn Frederick, daughter of Sarah and David Frederick, and Tiffany Hastings, daughter of Mary and Orville Stolte.

Krakow Go-Getters 4-H Club — Lillian Gildehaus, daughter of Michelle and Kyle Gildehaus, and Samantha Eckelkamp, daughter of Michele and Edward Eckelkamp.

Maverick 4-H Club — Emma Ploch, daughter of Mary Nell and Mike Ploch, and Taylor Nix, daughter of Emily and Kendall Nix.

New Haven 4-H Club — Lauren Hoerstkamp, daughter of Elisha and Jeff Hoerstkamp, and Matthew Otten, son of Julie and John Otten.

Rockford Rebels 4-H — Laura Bardot, daughter of Wendy and Roger Bardot, and Cole Rucker, son of Marcie and Brad Rucker.

Soaring Eagles 4-H Club — Rachel Smith, daughter of Ann and Seth Smith.

Washington Eager Beavers 4-H Club — Mackenzie Klekamp, daughter of Shari and Larry Klekamp, and Caroline Glastetter, daughter of Jane and Mark Glastetter.