February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, and ALIVE (Alternatives to Living in Violent Environments) will be out in the Franklin County high schools discussing this issue with students. Here are some statistics on teen dating violence:

• One in three teens who have been in a relationship report being physically abused, sexually abused/harassed, and/or threatened of physical harm.

• One in four teens who have been in a serious relationship say that a boyfriend or girlfriend has tried to prevent them from spending time with friends or family. The same number have been pressured to only spend time with their partner.

• Nearly one in four girls who have been in a relationship (23 percent) report going further sexually than they wanted to as a result of pressure.

Red flags of being in an abusive relationship would be if your boyfriend/girlfriend:

• Tells you what you can and can’t wear;

• Calls you names and puts your down;

• Constantly calls and/or texts you;

• Is possessive and jealous; and

• Has an explosive temper.

ALIVE offers counseling to teens who are in abusive relationships at no charge. For more information or help if someone you know is in an abusive relationship, call ALIVE at 1-800-941-9144 or 636-583-5700.

For more information on teen dating violence, visit www.loveisrespect.org.