The St. Francis Borgia Regional High School cheerleading squad is beginning a new fund-raising project similar to the popular pink flamingos seen staked in residents’ front yards. They call it “You’ve Been Pommed.”

Proceeds will go toward helping the squad attend the UCA national cheer competition in February.

For a donation, people can pay to have blue and gold pom poms staked in friends’ yards to “cheer” until they are removed that evening and taken to the next house.

There are four sizes of pom squads that can be ordered — 12, 24, 36 or 60 poms squads. The larger the squad, the larger the donation.

People placing the orders can choose whether or not to remain anonymous to the “pommed” homeowner.

Also anyone who gets “pommed” can specify the next “victim” for a small donation to the group.

Removal of the pom poms will be done at no charge, so the squad asks that people please not damage them until they are removed.

As part of the fund-raiser, the squad also is selling “anti-pomming” insurance to guarantee no poms will ever “cheer” on someone’s yard.

For more information or to sign people up to be “pommed,” call Kelly Mohesky, 314-591-1707, or Sue Holdmeier, 636-346-1917.