The Veterans Hall of Honor committee was created to honor the veterans who were associated with Franklin County. Criteria for inclusion in the Hall of Honor include: be a veteran who has an honorable discharge, born or raised in Franklin County or lived in Franklin County for at least 10 years or died in Franklin County.

During the Spanish American War in 1898, the vast majority of veterans from Franklin County served in the 6th Regiment Missouri Volunteer Infantry, with Company K. The article below is a short historical account of the 6th Missouri Regiment.

History of the 6th Missouri Regiment

This Regiment was organized from the state at large, in answer to the second call of the president, dated May 25, 1898. The rendezvous was made at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., where it was mustered into the service of the U.S. July 20, 1898. The Regiment left Jefferson Barracks by rail, in three sections, August 11 and 12, for Camp Cuba Libre, Jacksonville, Fla., where it arrived on August 15, 1898.

The Regiment left Jacksonville, Fla. by rail for Camp Onward, Savannah, Ga., November 7, 1898. On December 21, 1898, the Regiment broke camp and marched to the docks, where the First Battalion embarked on the U.S. Transport "Obdam," the Second and Third Battalions on the U.S. Transport "Roumanian," for Havana, Cuba. The First Battalion arrived on the evening of December 23, 1898, at Havana Harbor, the Second and Third on the afternoon of the 24th, disembarking on the mornings of December 24, and 25, 1898. They marched to Camp Columbia-Quemados, Mariano, Cuba, same days.

On February 20, 1899, the Regiment, with the Second Brigade of Second Division Seventh Army Corps, started on a practice march. They left camp early in the morning and marched through Quemados Mariano, Arrays Arriba, Punta Brava and Hoys Colorado. On the 21st, they marched through Varones Vereda. Neuva, to San Antonio de los Banso, where it remained in camp. On the 26th, they broke camp and marched through San Antonio de los Banos, Rincon, Santiago de los Vegas, and Boyero to Calabazar and camped for the night.

On the 27th, they marched from Calabazar through Arrayo Naranja, Arroyo Apollo, Verona, Jesus del Monte, Puntes Grandes, Buena Vista, and thence back to camp at Mariano.

On the 8th day of April, the Regiment broke camp to return to the United States, and marched to Havana, and embarked on the Ward Line steamship, "Havana," leaving Havana Harbor for Savannah, Ga. Early on they morning of the 9th, arriving at Quarantine Station, near Savannah, Ga., April 10th , 1899, and were transferred on lighters to Detention Camp, on Daufuskie Island, April 11, 1899, remaining in quarantine until April 16, 1899, and then transferred on lighters to Savannah, Ga., where it arrived and went into camp the same day and remained until its muster out May 10, 1889.

This Regiment has taken part in many reviews, the chief of which are the following:

By the Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy, December 11, 1898.

The review incident to the military occupation of Cuba by the United States, January 1, 1899, at Havana, Cuba.

By the Secretary of War, at Camp Cuba Libre, Jacksonville, Fla.

By the Secretary of War at Camp Columbia, Havana, Cuba

By the Inspector-General of the Army, Camp Columbia, Habana, Cuba

By the President of the U. S., at Savannah, Ga.

The commander of the 6th Regiment Missouri Volunteer Infantry was Letcher Hardeman, from Gray Summit and a West Point Graduate. He served in the West during his early military days as an officer. When the Spanish American War began, Major Hardeman was promoted to the rank of colonel and commanded the Missouri 6th until the end of the Spanish American War. He returned to service with the rank of lieutenant and then promoted to the rank of captain during the Philippine American War. He retired as major in 1915. His retirement was short lived and he was called back to active duty to serve in World War I. He retired with the rank of colonel in 1919 after serving almost 37 years in the military. He passed away February 16, 1937, in Rapidan, Virginia.

We have been able to document veterans from both war periods that served in the Regular Army, but we have not been able to document veterans that served in either the Navy or Marines during that time period.

The following is a list of veterans we have been able to document that served in the Spanish American War:

Alther, Edward G.

Alverson, Clarence

Alverson, John O.

Anderson, Isaac Henry

Baker, Jr. Corban

Baker, William Lenard

Bargen, Fred W.

Bell, Charles H.

Betz, Charles S.

Blanton, Benjamin F.

Bryant, Sylvester M.

Bullock, James

Burgan, Charles

Burgess Azro P.

Burke, Emery C.

Burton, Edwin E.

Butler, Allen

Butts, Louis H.

Canor, Edwin M.

Cierpiot, Jacob H.

Cole, William L.

Corneau, Horace D.

Cramer, Maniel

Dace, Silas E.

Dace, Thompson D.

Davis, Winfred

Deffeback, John N.

Dodge, Wallace

Donohue, Eugene F.

Dutton, Joseph L.

Eckelkamp, John A.

Ehlenbreck, Louis

Elliott, Harry T.

Emens, John

Enloe, William T.

Fahrendorf, Alexander W.

Fanconer, Charles C.

Fischer, Daniel J.

Flaugher, August

Flaugher, Fred H.

Foster, Walter

Fowler, Robert Edward

Freymeyer, Charles

Frillmann, Louis L.

Frillmann, Louis W.

Gallop, John E.

Gast, Frederick William

Glosemeyer, Frank M.

Grantham, Samual Ashby

Grohe, Herman C.

Hall, Robert

Hamby, William F.

Hargis, Isaac N.

Harrell, Seth C.

Hock, Claude Jesse

Hock, Jesse

Horine, Earl R

Hurwitz, Meyer

Ingels, Aurie W.

Ingels, George W.

Jackson, Jabez N.

Jones, James B.

Jones, William J.

Jones, Wilson M.

Keller, John Christian

Keller, Oscar A.

Kelso, Emmet E.

Kite, James O.

Kuhn, Richard

Lack, Walter John

Lewis, Fred H.

Littrell, Wilson H.

Loupe, Lloyd

Lynde, Nelson M.

McAdoo, Walter R.

McCreal, William

McFaddwn, Charles J.

Miller, David Frank

Muir, James

Muir, John

Neiheiser, Charles F.

Owen, Jesse Mordicai

Page, Harvey

Parge, John

Rau, William Christ

Rich, Herry

Rich, James

Rodgers, Wallace

Rooney, Patrick

Scherkamp, Christion Henry

Schiller, George

Schowengerdt, Edward

Sevik, Frank

Short, Augustus

Short, Ellis

Simpson, Gustav F.

Smith, Benjamin

Smith, Charles H.

Snow, Thomas J.

Stone, James Morgan

Stout, Henry A.

Strothkamp, William H.

Stuart, John B.

Thiebes, Henry

Wagner Jr., Louis

Williams, John F.

Withington, Harry G.

Wright, Jack W.


Bruns, Edward

Cherry (Cheary), William Issac

Collins, George Frank

Hardeman, Letcher

Harden, Edward

Hirzel, Otto

Hughes, Pearnal

Kincaid, Howard

Kuehne, (Kuene) Otto

Lambert, George

Sappington, Walter

Seymour, Rogers

Anyone willing to donate pictures, military histories, military uniforms or insignias that you would like to have included and displayed in the Hall of Honor or if any one has service information on the above names or veterans that were inadvertently not on the list please contact us.

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