Cousins Share Birthday

Cousins Madelyn Grace Ellis, left, and Cooper John Byrne were born March 22 less than an hour apart at Mercy Hospital Washington.      

Hearing that you are going to be grandparents for the first time is the best news ever. However, when you get news from another daughter that they are also expecting is almost unbelievable, especially when the due dates are just five days apart.

Rich and Vicki Terschluse, Washington, are the happiest grandparents around and had to share their story.

“Amanda and Blake (Byrne) came over to tell us their news, and they were due April 4,” said Vicki Terschluse. “Then two days later, we got a FaceTime call from Sarah and Van (Ellis), who live in North Carolina, to tell us we were going to be grandparents again on April 9 — five days after Amanda.

“We thought it was a joke. So, we immediately were concerned how we were going to be in two different states days apart.

“Throughout their pregnancies the girls would consult each other of how they were feeling and wishing they could be there for each other when the babies were born, but we knew Sarah would be fine since Lauren, their younger sister, also lived in North Carolina,” said Terschluse. “However, with Van being in the military and the possibility of them having to move in March or April, they decided it would be best for Sarah to have the baby closer to home in Missouri. Locating a doctor and choosing St. Luke’s Hospital in Chesterfield was such a relief knowing we would only have to drive an hour to get her to the hospital.”

As months passed, both Amanda and Sarah’s doctors decided for them both to be induced — Amanda, who lives in Washington, on March 28 at Mercy Hospital Washington, and Sarah on April 2 at St. Luke’s. But everything changed when Amanda went for her appointment Thursday, March 21.

“The doctor said she needed to be induced that night due to a slight change in her blood work,” said Terschluse. “When we got the call that we were going to be grandparents tonight or tomorrow our hearts were full of joy. We went to the hospital to be sure everything was going well for her.

“On Friday morning before heading to the hospital to visit Amanda, Sarah mentioned that she thought she was having contractions that night, but didn’t know if they were real or not. Sarah decided to pack her bags just in case they were the real thing.

“We headed to Washington to do some shopping all while Sarah’s contractions were about five minutes apart,” Terschluse recalled. “We finally get to the hospital to visit Amanda, who has now been in labor almost 10 hours. Sarah, being her stubborn self, finally decided to head to St. Luke’s as her contractions were timing at about three minutes apart. As she was stepping into the car, her water broke.

“So, back up to Labor and Delivery we go to let the nurses know that we need a room, another room for Sarah who was just there visiting two minutes ago.”

Amanda’s actual due date was two weeks away, and Sarah’s was three weeks.

“So now with a sigh of relief that both daughters will be delivering at Mercy Hospital Washington, three rooms apart, we sat in the waiting room biting our nails waiting to hear who would have her baby first,” said Terschluse. “We heard the baby lullaby chime over the intercom at 4:18 p.m. thinking it had to be Amanda. Soon after those chimes, Sarah called us and said she had her baby, Madelyn Grace Ellis. We could not believe it.

“Then finding out Amanda had to have a C-section, we finally heard the baby chimes at 5:12 p.m. Cooper John Byrne had finally arrived. We were elated that we were able to jump from room to room visiting our new precious grandbabies.

“Friday, March 22, 2019, will be a day that will not be forgotten, since Madelyn and Cooper will be sharing many memories and birthdays with one another. This was an incredible experience for everyone,” said Terschluse.