Year to year and day to day

We never fail to stop and pray

To thank our glorious God above

For you, our parents, and your enduring love.

This picture above that you see

Was taken on your 60th anniversary.

Since March of ’55 when you said your vows,

Our family has grown considerably — and how!

My siblings and I call you Mom and Dad,

Now you’re also Great-Great-Grandma and Great-Great-Granddad.

Amid much love and laughter, even some tears,

You have taught us much through the years.

Of the lessons we’ve all learned, two stand out.

Love for God and family is what life is all about!

We love you more than mere words can convey.

From year to year . . . and . . . day to day.


Dennis and Patricia Sahm (aka Corky and Patty) of Krakow celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary March 19, 2015, but the family recently submitted the information to the newspaper.