Saturday’s blue ribbon market hog auction at the Washington Fair set a new record for gross receipts.

This year, 163 hogs were auctioned, earning $230,311 for young exhibitors.

The old record had been $217,696, set in 2006 when 152 hogs were sold.

Last year, 140 market hogs were sold at the auction raising $133,813.75.

That was 12 fewer hogs sold than in 2012 when 152 market hogs brought $153,749.75 at the auction.

In 2011, 153 animals were auctioned for $150,676.01.

The 2010 auction raised $105,437 with 141 hogs sold.

In 2009, 97 blue ribbon market hogs sold for $106,107.75. That year, 154 hogs were entered in the competition but only 97 were judged blue ribbon winners. Only market animals receiving blue ribbons are eligible for sale at the livestock auction.

All 163 hogs entered in Thursday’s hog show were awarded blue ribbons.

The average price per pound paid Saturday was $5.29 compared to $3.39 in 2013.

The record average price was $6.41 per pound set in 2005.

The market price for hogs Saturday was 85 cents per pound.

The average price per pound paid in 2012 was $3.69 per pound, compared to $3.82 a pound in 2011 and $2.80 per pound in 2010.

The average price in 2009 was $4.24 compared to $3.35 in 2008.

In 2008, 169 hogs made it to the auction block, and sold for a total of $145,509.25.

In 2007, 171 hogs, the most ever, were auctioned for a total of $201,329.25 which was the third highest gross for the auction.

Grand Champion

This year’s grand champion of the market hog show was exhibited by Karson Eads, 8, Leslie.

Karson’s 272-pound entry was purchased by Dolan Realtors, Union, for $12 a pound or $3,264.

Last year, Dolan Realtors paid $5 per pound for the grand champion. The firm also was the successful bidder for the 2012 and 2011 grand champions, paying $9 per pound both years.

In 2010, the grand champion sold for $7 a pound or $1,827.

The 2009 grand champion sold for $10 a pound or $2,620. In 2008, the grand champion sold for $14 a pound or $3,696. In 2007, the grand champion sold for $20 per pound. The Fair record was set in 2006, when the champion brought $35 per pound.

Trista Kormeier, 17, New Haven, exhibited the reserve champion market hog at this year’s Fair. Her 279-pound hog sold for $10 per pound, or $2,790. The Schatz for Senator campaign purchased the reserve champion.

The highest per pound price paid Saturday was $20 for a hog shown by Calvin Bidner, Wildwood. The total price for his 261-pound entry was $5,220.

In 2013, the highest per pound price paid was $7.50 compared to $9 per pound in 2012 and $19 in 2011.

In 2004, 124 blue ribbon hogs sold for $163,573, compared to 2003 when 94 hogs were auctioned for $128,532.

The 2001 auction grossed $120,090.35 for 130 blue ribbon hogs sold. The auction grossed $114,893.75 for 137 blue ribbon hogs in 2002.

Prior to 2001, the record gross had been $110,267.10 set in 1999 when 147 hogs were sold.

A complete list of auction buyers can be found elsewhere in this issue.