The Washington Town & Country Fair Blue Ribbon Livestock Auction is a major donor to the University of Missouri Tiger Scholarship Fund.

Successful bidders on livestock Saturday donated 10 market steers and 22 market hogs to the Tiger fund.

The auction value of the livestock donated to MU totaled $55,038.50, which is believed to be a record amount.

Last year successful bidders donated livestock valued at $53,491.

The livestock is shipped to a processing company that donates its services to MU. The finished products end up on the meal tables of scholarship athletes.

The top donor again this year was Greg Hoberock, whose companies, Sieve Contractors, Inc., hth Companies, Inc., Thermaltech, Inc. and JCAM, LLC, Union, donated livestock with an auction value of $41,290. 25 — eight steers and 16 hogs. Hoberock has led all buyers of livestock at the Fair auction for several years.

A group that bid under the name of Mizzou Tiger Scholarship Fund bought one steer and one hog with a total value of $3,600.50. Included in the group are Brad and Lauren Zobrist ($500), Kurt and Kim Voss ($2,500) and Mark and Ellen Zobrist ($600.50).

Bill Miller, Sr., Missourian, donated two hogs with a total auction value of $2,664.75.

A steer valued at $3,012.50. was donated by Alvin “Squeaky” Marquart, Kyle Marquart and Vanzandt’s All-Purpose Seasoning.

Elisha Hoerstkamp of RE/MAX Today donated a hog with an auction value of $1,692.

Citizens Bank, New Haven, David Engelbrecht, president, paid $1,134 for a hog, which went to the Tiger fund. 

Craig Mueller of Sugarfire Smoke House restaurant had a successful bid of $1,644.50 for a hog that was donated to MU.