There were few incidents or disturbances during this year’s Washington Fair, according to Police Chief Ken Hahn.

“It really went well as far as security was concerned,” Hahn remarked of the annual five-day event.

“We had huge crowds but few incidents. I attribute a lot of that to good work by our department,” Hahn said.

He said his officers had to break up a couple of “skirmishes” on the fairgrounds Thursday night and one each on Friday and Saturday nights, but overall it was a quiet Fair this year.

“The weather was unbelievable,” Hahn said, which also probably helped in keeping the number of fights and incidents down.

Washington police officers staffed the grounds exclusively on Wednesday night, Hahn said. Thursday night, a few Franklin County deputies were brought in to help with security. Friday and Saturday nights the police force at the Fair was augmented with some county deputies and three officers from Osage County, he explained.

The additional officers came on duty at 6 p.m. each night, Hahn said.

“Every year we get compliments about officers being visible on the grounds,” Hahn said. This year, officers wore yellow shirts, making them even more visible.

“They really stand out,” Hahn said, which helps officers and citizens in spotting police on the grounds.

“I’d like to thank all the officers for the great job they did,” Hahn commented.