Top Lamb Brings $3,225

State Farm Insurance/Diana Holdinghausen had the top bid for the grand champion market lamb at the Washington Fair at Saturday’s auction. The 129-pound lamb was exhibited by Brooke Ruether, Beaufort. The price paid was $25 a pound for a total of $3,225. Kneeling from left are Shelly Meyer, Kathy Frick, Joyce Vogt, Diana and Mark Holdinghausen. Queen Stephanie Sullentrup and her court are in the background.

The same number of blue ribbon market lambs were on the auction block Saturday at the Washington Fair as were in 2010, and results were about the same. There were 20 lambs that sold for a total of $12,811.50. In 2010, 20 lambs sold for a total of $13,374.

The average price paid Saturday was $5.23. In 2010, the average price was $5.58 a pound.

The market price Saturday was $1.75 a pound. Last year it was $1.22 a pound.

The show champion was exhibited by Brooke Ruether, Beaufort. The successful bidder was State Farm Insurance/Diana Hold inghausen. Her bid was $25 a pound, for a total of $3,225. The lamb weighed 129 pounds.

The reserve champion was bought by RE/MAX Gold - John Fischer. His bid was $15 a pound. The total price was $1,935. The lamb, exhibited by Brittany Byram, Gerald, weighed 129 pounds.

Last year the prices paid were $14 a pound for the champion and $10.50 for the reserve champion.

The rest of the exhibitors, buyers and prices paid follow:

Katie Nadler, Augusta, buyer Coates Valley Hill Farm, Augusta, 137 pounds, $3, $411;

Logan Williams, Washington, Jane and Doug Reed, Washington, 105, $3.50, $367.50;

Lindsay Hinson, St. Clair, HNB National Bank, 116, $3.50, $406;

Katie Feth, Beaufort, Septic Services, 100, $4, $400;

Landyn Fries, New Haven, Seth and Tricia Holm, New Haven, Grown Up Green Pulling Team, Hermann, 119, $3, $357;

Layne Fries, New Haven, Zick Voss & Politte, PC, 129, $2.75, $354.75;

Dylan Fries, New Haven, Dr. David Chalk, MD, Washington, 122, $2.75, $335.50;

Danielle Gerding, Union, C.J. Crane, Union, 107, $3.50, $374.50;

Ashlyn Fries, New Haven, Backes Toelke Agri., New Haven and Marthasville, 120, $3, $360;

Lydia Placht, New Haven, Showtime Farm, Stacy and Mindy Ward, 136, $4.50, $612;

Elisa Ward, Marthasville, Backes Toelke Agri., 111, $3, $333;

Trina Stumpe, Leslie, Dolan Realtors, Union, 121, $6, $726;

Dustin Reinhardt, St. Clair, Town and Country Meadows, Union, 120, $4, $480;

David Pehle, St. Clair, Marvin and John VanLeer, Union, 109, $3, $327;

Bradley Peck, Lonedell, State Farm, Matt Tobben, 117, $3.50, $409.50;

Nick Pehle, St. Clair, Marvin and John VanLeer, Union, 129, $3, $387;

Kayla Pope, St. Clair, HNB Bank, 100, $4, $400;

Casey Jo Baker, New Haven, Placht Farms, New Haven, 137, $4, $548.