Six classes of field tractor pulling events took place Friday, Aug. 3, at the Washington Town and Country Fair.

John Deere tractors won two class titles. Ford, Oliver and International each won one class along with one unlisted.

Following were the top results from each class:

• Class A (0-6,000 pounds, 60 horsepower) — Winning was Ray Tucker at 279.44 feet. Second place went to Chad Kohlbusch while Dean Jasper placed third, Nick Gerling was fourth and Dennis Erni finished fifth. There were 13 entries with one scratch.

• Class B (6,001-7,500 pounds, 75 horsepower) — Bryahna Steinbeck won at 242.54 feet. Second place went to Ron Gerlemann with Ray Schowe third, Loren Unger fourth and Robert Gerling fifth. There were nine entries.

• Class C (7,501-9,500 pounds, 95 horsepower) — Doug Hoeft was the winner at 278.87 feet. Mike Schwoeppe finished second while Craig Schowe placed third, Joe Spaunhorst was fourth and Jerry Eckstein ended fifth. There were 14 entries with one scratch.

• Class D (9,501-11,500 pounds, 125 horsepower) — Dennis Spaunhorst won at 271.83 feet. Richard Holdmeyer placed second, Blane Farms was third, Brian Unnerstall ended fourth and Mark Amelung finished fifth. There were six entries in the class.

• Class E (11,501-13,500 pounds, 125 horsepower) — Winning was Blane Farms at 277.62 feet. Second place went to Mike Hilkerbaumer, Alex Gerlemann finished third, Charlie Hatfield placed fourth and Tyler Nelson was fifth. There were 13 entries with three scratches.

• Class F (13,501-17,000 pounds, 180 horsepower) — John Huellinghoff was the winner at 267.89 feet. Matt Kuenzel finished second, Jerry Busch placed third, Drew Roehrig ended fourth and Rick Hellmann was fifth.

There were 16 entries and three scratches.