Fourteen blue ribbon lambs were auctioned at the Washington Town and Country Fair’s livestock auction for a total of $12,129.

The average price for pound paid Saturday was $6.57.

The market price Saturday was 85 cents per pound. Last year it was $1.75 a pound.

Last year, 20 lambs were auctioned for a total of $12,811.50. The average price paid per pound last year was $5.23.

In 2010, 20 lambs sold for a total of $13,374. That year, the average price per pound paid was $5.58.

The show grand champion was exhibited by Katie Nadler, Augusta. The successful bidder was State Farm Insurance/Diana Holdinghausen. She paid $27 per pound for a total of $3,510. The lamb weighed 130 pounds.

Holdinghausen also bought the grand champion in 2011 which was exhibited by Brooke Ruether, Beaufort.

The reserve champion was exhibited by Braun Lebish, Leslie. His animal was bought by RE/MAX First Gold — John J. Fischer. His bid was $10 per pound for a total of $1,210. The lamb weighed 121 pounds.

Last year the prices paid were $25 a pound for the champion and $15 for the reserve champion.

The rest of the exhibitors, buyers, weight of animal and prices paid follow:

Kaycee Feth, Beaufort, Coates Valley Hill Angus, 127 pounds, $4, $508;

Brooke Ruether, Beaufort, Zick Voss-Politte & Richardson PC, 119 pounds, $4, $476;

Abigail Gilbert, Union, Mark Otten, 137 pounds, $4, $548;

Katie Manion, St. Clair, Hopewell Views Game Farm, 150 pounds, $4, $600;

Adam Gerlemann, Beaufort, Freedom Heating & Cooling, 100 pounds, $6, $600;

Brittany Byram, Gerald, Mike and Mary Ann Carey, 136 pounds, $5 $680;

Dustin Reinhardt, St. Clair, Zick Voss-Politte & Richardson PC, 143 pounds, $3.50, $500.50;

Nick Pehle, St. Clair, Todd Geisert Farms and John Pils Posters Limited, 130 pounds, $4, $260;

Danielle Gerding, Union, Sandra L. Stierberger, 137 pounds, $5.50, $753.50;

Lydia Placht, New Haven, Dolan Realtors-Gerald, 133 pounds, $6.50, $864.50;

Katie Feth, Beaufort, JE Designs, 128 pounds, $5.50, $704;

Janna Ruether, Beaufort, Placht Farms, 119 pounds, $5.50, $654.50.