Andy Unerstall’s U Team was the successful bidder on the grand champion market steer at the Washington Fair auction Saturday.

The U Team paid $4,847.50, or $3.50 a pound, for the grand chmpion steer exhibited by Andi Placht, New Haven. The steer weighed 1,385 pounds and was auctioned first at the Blue Ribbon livestock auction.

The reserve champion, exhibited by Blake Voss, Beaufort, was purchased by CG Power Systems, which paid a total of $3,137.50, or $2.50 a pound. The steer weighed 1,255 pounds.

The steer auction netted farm youth a total of $170,725 for the 60 head that were sold.

The average price paid was $2.23 a pound. The market price was $1.22 a pound Saturday.

The Bank of Washington, as often in past auctions, bought five steers for a total of $15,162.50. hth Companies purchased four steers for a total of $9,760.

Stine Seed Co., Labadie, bought three steers for a total of $3,922.50, and Straatmann Feed Co., Labadie and New Melle, was the successful bidder on three steers, paying a total of $3,942.50.

Among the bidders who purchased two steers were the Missourian Publishing Co., MFA Co-Op. No. 2, and MU bosters who bid as the Tiger Scholarship Fund.

The Other Trash Man, Washington, added 25 cents a pound for three steers that sold for less than $2 a pound.

The weight of gain winners were steers exhibited by Julie Perriman, a gain of 4.401 pounds a day, first, and Allen Perriman, whose steer was second with a gain of 4.37 pounds a day. Both exhibitors are from New Haven.

No records were set.