In accordance with state party bylaws, the Franklin County Democratic Central Committee met Tuesday night to elect members of its executive committee.

Clyde Voelkerding, Union Township committeeman, was re-elected chair.

Robin Stewart, Washington Ward 1 committeewoman, was elected vice chair.

Becky Russell was elected secretary. Darin Gilley was elected treasurer.

Gilley and Russell are not members of the central committee.

Voelkerding told The Missourian that state party bylaws allow the treasurer and secretary positions to be held by non-committee members.

Gilley was the winner of the Franklin County Democrats Club 2012 Democrat of the Year Award. Russell is the central committee’s county headquarters coordinator.

The following are the other members of the Democratic Central Committee:

Norbert Shacklette, Boles Township committeeman;

Patricia Schuba, Boles Township commiteewoman;

Don Hess, Boone Township committeeman;

Jeff Maune, Central Township committeeman;

Dianne Overschmidt, Central Township committeewoman;

Norman Kloeppel, Lyon Township committeeman;

Julie McCollum, Lyon Township committeewoman;

Juanita Abernathy, Meramec Township committeewoman;

Elizabeth Hobbs, New Haven Ward 2 commiteewoman;

Matt Agee, Pacific Ward 1 committeeman;

Carol Johnson, Pacific Ward 2 commiteewoman;

Tom Bub, Prairie Township committeeman;

Tod DeVeydt, Sullivan Ward 1 committeeman;

Lynda Dalton, Sullivan Ward 1 committeewoman; and

Becky Voelkerding, Union Township committeewoman;

Dan Kloeppel, Union Ward 1 committeeman;

Mary Jo Straatmann, Union Ward 2 committeewoman;

Tom Johnson, Union Ward 2 committeeman;

Bill Stewart, Washington Ward 1 committeeman; and

Tom Smith, Washington Ward 2 committeeman.